It’s March…

Welcome to blogger month-end. Day of super long posts.

I have been lax in setting goals for myself recently and I need to start doing that again. So, I will start small. In March I will:

1) stick to my rotation, at least 3 of the 4 weeks
2) finish the miriad of miniscule projects I have on the go
3) stitch one ornament
4) participate in broadening my horizon on the FGBB

A note with number 4. This will be my hardest challenge. This month’s theme is folk (as in Lizzie Kate or Mosey N’ Me). This is not my style, at all. I have spent the last couple of days perusing my magazines, various websites, etc to find a pattern I will like long enough. I think I have settled on one that will both match items #4 and #3 on my list. Maybe I will stitch that up as fast as possible and get it out of the way.

Speaking of magazines, that is the topic of today’s Stitching Blogger’s Question, as suggested by Cheryl:

What cross-stitch magazines or other publications (as opposed to blogs) do you read on a regular basis? What do you like about them? What do you not like? What would your perfect publication include?

I don’t read any right now. I love Cross Stitch and Country Craft, before it got butchered by BH&G, and sadly it is now out of print. I do collect them, and I have a few magazines I peruse through regularily. I should clarify that – I have a number of magazines I have stolen from my mother, who was a subscriber. That was my ideal magazine. I have heard great things of the new online magazine, but I will wait until a few more issues are released before checking that one out.

I did do some stitching last night, and finished one of my smaller projects, one that seemed to take forever. I guess I set my standards too high and figured I could finish it in a few sittings. Not so. But I can’t show you yet, as the receipient reads this blog.

Lauryn has been fighting a fever this week and it was confirmed this morning she has an ear infection. Of course, when Mr. Fever visits, he often brings his wife, Ms. Whiney. Lauryn, a normally independent little girl, looses her ability to do anything all by herself. So, getting things done these days is quite difficult. That being said, I have to romance my sewing machine and spend a couple of hours to finish of the lottery piece for the SBEBB. Then tonight I may stitch on Lily Maiden. Here’s hoping!


5 thoughts on “It’s March…

  1. Lili

    Sorry for Lauryn! My daughter is an angel when she’s sick, doing her best to hear only kind things I guess. She’s quite a Tazmanian devil the rest of the time…
    Take care!

  2. Von

    I try to not let my goals list get very long too, I just can’t get that much accomplished!
    Have to agree with you on the folk designs. But stitching a small one now and then can be a fun change. 😀
    Hope Lauryn is feeling better.

  3. Jenna

    Awwwww… poor Lauryn! It’s rotten being sick, especially when you’re a kid. I hope that her infection clears up quickly. *hug for Lauryn*

  4. AnneS

    Agree with you big time on the folk art/whimsical challenge – I was thinking of doing one of the folk art ornaments as well, perhaps Feathered Friends – like you, killing two birds with one stone, so to speak! I’ve been very lax with both my stitching and blogging of late – I think that’s my only March goal … get back into the rhythm again … look forward to seeing your progress over the month 😀


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