Thank you Nutrisse #550!

Well it’s a good thing I made loads of progress on Thursday because I didn’t make a single stitch yesterday. SIL came over, to share her news – she got printed in the paper (she is a photojournalism student and did a week of work experience). You can check her work out here (photo and story) and here (photo and story) plus a front page lead in. She was pretty excited (and, I imagine, still is!). So, she determined we should celebrate by dyeing our hair. Good thing too, because the greys were starting to peek out on my head. So now, she has stunning black hair and I am a fabulous red head. Yee haw! She left a bottle of wine with me so my party could continue with Scott, and party I did. I drank a couple of glasses, and decided I needed a good snack, and was craving biscuits. So, at 12:30 in the morning, I am in the kitchen baking. After devouring all but two biscuits (Scott managed to get his hand in there before I chomped that off), I had another glass and we popped in a 007 movie. To which I promply fell asleep to.

So, this morning, I have gulped down about 18 glasses of water since it seems the wine hit me a tad stronger than I thought. And I am counteracting all that water with a good cup of coffee! lol

Hopefully I will get some stitching in today. Cross your fingers!

BTW – if you want to send SIL your congrats (she would be stoked!) you can leave her a message on her blog


6 thoughts on “Thank you Nutrisse #550!

  1. Von

    I just finished covering a few grays myself, lol!
    Congrats to your SIL, and good luck stitching. šŸ˜€

  2. Melanie

    I love that you were in the kitchen in the middle of the night baking! (And eating!) That sounds like something I’d do after several glasses of wine:)

  3. AnneS

    Haha, sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating … I can just picture you in the kitchen baking your heart out with a few glasses of wine under your belt ;P

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