Mission Accomplished!!!

Remember my post a few days ago with my goals for the month??? Well, baby, time to cross off the two bottom items!!!

(Sorry, it’s not clickable. Blogger isn’t cooperating today.)

This is Cozy Christmas Wishes by Lizzie Kate. All in all, a nice, easy stitch, especially since there is no backstitching (heee!), but really not my style. This was the closest I could find, since it has a nice steaming mug o’something, and I like that. I probably won’t do another of this nature any time soon.

On the plate today is the Dragon Dreams freebie that was posted for two days on the DD site back in December. The family has elected that we each get one, each with a different coloured dragon. That should be fun. We will see how many I can do today!


5 thoughts on “Mission Accomplished!!!

  1. Carol

    Congrats Christine! I am not a LK fan either, but I do see how this one suits you well!!! Can’t wait to see your little dragon now!

  2. Kimmie

    I did that Lizzie Kate for my sister for Christmas. I accidently used the darker green for all the greens and it turned out pretty nice anyway. LOL

  3. Von

    It’s always nice to have a finish, even if the design isn’t quite our style. This one is very cute and I can see that it has aspects that suit you very much – an me too, lol!


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