Odds and Ends

Kim has challenged her readers to share their morning coffee cup, and I think this is a fab idea!

Here is mine:

The mug on the right is the one I am actually using this morning. The one on the left is my special mug. I have had this one since I was a young child. We had cousins (I think) come over and visit from Belgium. When they came, the gifted us all with these mugs. Each of us girls (there was only 3 of us at the time) got our names, and our parents got “Mom” and “Dad”. The mug stayed in Mom’s cupboard for years, only to come out on special occasions. Then when I moved out, the mug came with me. I don’t use it much these days because 1) it’s just that bit too small for a good cup of coffee and 2) there are too many little fingers here to accidently break it.

Since it is Wednesday, it is time for the Stitching Blogger’s Question:

Do you have an organizational system for your patterns? If so, how do
you organize them? If not, have you considered organizing them?

Sort of. This is one of those projects I do when I am absolutely tired of everything else. I really need to be in the mood to organize them. I do have my magazines in one binder, sorted by magazine and issue. I have another binder of any patterns that fit into a sheet protector. Not much organization there, just some way of putting it out of the way. For patterns that don’t fit into sheet protectors, I have a plastic tub that they sit comfortably in, along with my fabrics and special things.

No other stitching news today. I didn’t stitch yesterday, I did our taxes instead. Mucho fun.


4 thoughts on “Odds and Ends

  1. Kim

    Hurrah! More cups! šŸ˜€ I love the one with your name on it! Very pretty and the story is so sweet. šŸ˜€ Your “regular” cup is wonderful, love the sleigh scene! Do you change cup according to seasons? I must confess that I do have a special cup just for Halloween and Christmas time. LOL

  2. Von

    How well I know about those little fingers. I brought back a mug from one of the gardens we visited in England (in 99) and a couple years later, one of those young hands dropped it out of the cupboard. I was sad, but just determined I’d have to go back to buy another, lol!!
    I’m a big fan of page protectors too!!

  3. Lelia

    When I visit your blog, I can smell & taste the coffee beans – I swear I can. I confess to being a long-time coffee drinker & started drinking coffee when I was around 12 or 13 years old. (and I’m really fossilized now) Loved your mugs — I have a cupboard full of coffee mugs and own like 2 tea cups. Yes, I’ll have to eventually find a tea MUG that will be immune to chipping and breaking. (do they exist?)

    I have learned how to brew a POT of tea vs. dunking the bag into a cup of boiling water. Oh, makes a big difference in taste — IMO.

    G.Bush & taxes …. say no more!! Yikes. Loved the joke.


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