Fairies and more fairies

Inbetween Monty Python sketches last night, PBS was asking for pledges. This allowed me to get some stitches in to Lily Maiden:

She is coming along nicely. I really like this project.

In other news, I got a package from Natty for the SBEBB Adopt-A-Stitcher exchange. She sent me Passione Ricamo’s Spring Fairy Spirit!!!! I am so excited! Ever since I spotted Carol’s Miracle Butterfly, this designer made a very high ranking on my wishlist. Now I really need to burn through some of my projects!

Which brings me to my question for my readers. On the weekend of the 17th is a Stitch-A-Thon weekend on the Friends Gather BB. Which piece should I work on? I want to choose something from my rotation and make some good headway on it. Please, feel free to leave me your thoughts! If you need to see where all my WIPs are at right now, you can check out my website – it’s mostly updated!


8 thoughts on “Fairies and more fairies

  1. Renee

    I’d go with Gifts by the Sea for the Stitch-a-Thon. According to your side bar you are pretty close to finishing it. Once you get it done you will then have room for something else in your rotation! 😉

  2. Lelia

    LOL — PBS “Beg-a-thons” are so boring. The programs are excellent — the begging for $$ is too much.

    Love your Lily Maiden. Beautiful design & colors. You are doing a wonderful stitching job on it : )


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