It’s Friday! First day of March break and the girls are already grounded from the tv. Of to a great start!

Zorah took the coffee cup challenge one step further and asked about coasters. Since I am on DH’s computer, I am supposed to use a coaster on his desk (I don’t, normally, on mine).

For those who know DH, you know he is a bit of a poker… fanatic. Yep, there is no other word. He thought poker was cool before the rest of the world caught the craze. He was a poker dealer when I met him, and it is one job he would love to go back to. His dream is to one day play professionally – even if he doesn’t win, he would still love to play. And he is very good – after all – he taught me! So, the coaster is part of his poker paraphernalia. He was spoilt with poker items for Christmas – these coasters (two sets), a set of dessert plates (also handy for keeping cookies off the table), a blanket, a poker table, a case o’chips… Definately a theme year for him.

You will also note the differing coffee mug I am using this morning. As I was checking out everyone else’s mugs I realized just how many mugs I have – too many! This one was given to me for… something I don’t remember. But I am born in the year of the Dragon, and so this is quite appropriate.

I didn’t get a lot of stitching done last night, and certainly not enough to warrant a photo. We found out last night that our Sparks camp is moved a month back, so we have to get all our paperwork in… today! Gah! So you guess what I am doing today! Since I am running the show next year, our unit head decided this would be a good learning experience for me, so I am sorting through the 5 forms and 3 letters I need to get done so we can go camping for one night. Sigh. Yay.

I have only had one response to my Stitch-A-Thon question (wah!!), so I am putting up a poll in my sidebar. Please vote, and I will close the poll on the 16th. Thank you!

6 thoughts on “TGIF!

  1. Jenna

    Riiiight. Good learning experience = Yay, I don’t have to deal with it? 😉 Sorry to hear that the girls are misbehaving. I hope you can get some good stitching done this weekend!

  2. Bastet

    Grounded from TV straight off isn’t a good sign. Hopefully they can stay out of the danger I pulled…I got grounded for the entire week of vaccation. The whole caboodle.

  3. Lelia

    Sorry — I would have voted had I READ your blog ahead of time. I’m really behind in blog reading. Last week was crazy busy and the week before that was worse. Today, I’m just vegging with blogs. I feel inspired with stitching snap shots & spring fever : )

    Didn’t know about the coaster challenge. Is a tea cup saucer the same as a coaster??? LOL???

    My Mother would blush with shame!


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