All doped up…

… and no place to go.

I have been a bad blogger, but I have a good reason. I have an ear infection, and it hurts!!!! I woke up Saturday morning, around 4 am from a pain in my left ear. This continued until Saturday afternoon, when after applying a hot rag, my ear started oozing. Eeewwww!

It was confirmed Monday that yes, I have an ear infection and now I am taking the “banana medicine” as my girls like to call it, in pill form. Apparently when you become an adult, you can’t have fun medicine anymore. So now its Wednesday and I am still in pain, though the oozing has lessened. The dr. figures I should see a change within the next day. Here’s hoping!

So, I ahve done very little stitching. I have done very little of anything, really. Our house is a sty (sorry, Flylady!), and I have been napping as much as possible. One thing is for sure – if my girls ever have one of these again, they are getting so many pain killers they will sleep for a week!!!!

And to top it off, we ran out of coffee grounds. Pout. So enjoy your cuppa for me this morning. I shall live vicariously through you!

Anyway. I am tired of sitting on my buttocks and doing nothing, so I am cleaning today. Not sure if I will get any stitching done, we shall see. I did manage to finish another Dragon Dreams ornament (Kimber’s), and I got a bit of stitching in on Minuit on Friday, so I will try and post a photo tomorrow.

That’s all for today. Ta!


10 thoughts on “All doped up…

  1. Jenna

    Youch! I’ve never had one, but Terry had them as a kid. NOT FUN! I hope that the medicine starts to make a difference soon, as promised by the doctor. *hug*

  2. Von

    Oh Christine! I haven’t had a true ear infection for many years, but had them so badly as a child that even a warm breeze will make my ears ache – we won’t go into what a cold winter wind does. 😦 Hope it clears up and that someone brings you some coffee!! That’s one item that simply cannot be depleted in our household, lol!

  3. Melanie

    Oh, oweee! I hope it improves, and soon, Christine. I can’t even have a cup of coffee for you, I’m off the stuff for the time being! In fact, talking about it is making me really crave a good cup… I hope you get some soon:)

  4. Isabelle

    I am so sorry about your bad news, Christine. Ear infections are so painful 😦
    Take care and get better soon, OK? (((hugs)))

  5. gC

    No… Coffee?!? AARRGGHH!!! Oh, sorry. Didn’t mean to make your ear hurt there. I tell you what: I will have 2 -at least- cups of coffee for you today and hopefully that will convince The Healthy Ear Fates to make you feel all better! I know what you mean about ear ickies (that doesn’t sound quite right). I tend to get similiar yucks each year too. That blowing wind thing, you know? 😉 Anyway… get to feeling better and all that good stuff.

  6. AnneS

    Sorry I’ve only just read about your awful ear infection – hope it’s all cleared up by now, you poor thing! Mind you, I don’t know what would have been worse for you … the infection, or running out of coffee grinds ;P


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