I’m still here…

Time for the Stitching Blogger’s Question, suggested by Carol:

Have you ever participated in a needlework mystery (i.e., a design that you started before knowing how it will look in the end and by which you receive parts of the design via the internet, magazines, or leaflets at spaced intervals)? If so, why did you decide to do the mystery? What appealed to you about it? Did you enjoy it? If you have not done a mystery, would you ever do one?

I’m not that adventurous when it comes to stitching! Except for the Chatelaine mysteries, every other one I have seen are samplers of some type, and I don’t really like samplers too much. They have their time and place, surely, but I am not willing to do a mystery piece. So, no, I haven’t done one, no, I probably never will. I may do one once the mystery is revealed, but not piece by piece.

I haven’t done a whole lot of stitching this week, I just have been doing other things. I made very little progress with my SAT piece, and have only done a bit on my other rotation pieces. Bleah.

I was surfing the multitude of blogs I read and found a cool meme on Outi’s blog.

Make a search with your birth year from Google and choose one picture you like. Share it with us.

My year:

This image pretty much speaks for itself.

My birth date:

This album was released on the day I was born. Explains why I am an ABBA fan.

That’s all for today! Ta!


2 thoughts on “I’m still here…

  1. Stitch

    Hmmmm…I’ll have to do that on my blog too! Tho I’m not sure if I want y’all to know how OLD i am! LOLOLOLOLOL




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