April Goals

Time for monthly review!

In March my goals were:

1) stick to my rotation, at least 3 of the 4 weeks – Almost. I did do so for 2 of the 4 weeks. Then I dropped it. Yee haw.
2) finish the miriad of miniscule projects I have on the go – Nope. Not even picked up!
3) stitch one ornament – Yep. I finished Kimber’s ornament, and almost done with Scott’s.
4) participate in broadening my horizon on the FGBB – Yep. I stitched up the only Lizzie Kate in my entire stitching career.

For April, I would like to:
1) Finish at least one of my current large WIPs. i.e. Either Gifts by the Sea or Sister’s Tribute. Both are near completion, and ideally I would like to finish them both, but realistically I don’t think that will happen.
2) Stitch my Broaden Horizon piece. This month the draw was Fantasy – shouldn’t have any issues there! I think I will stitch “Tempest in a Tea Cup”, but I may change the colouring. I am not too fond of the red, so I may make him green or blue.
3) Pick out and prep RR stuff for the ones Renee is hosting.
4) Catalogue my stash. Grand undertaking, that.

Good news for me – I will soon no longer be a computer orphan! Yeee haw! I have a Dell on its way over to me. I should have it in about a week. It will be so nice to have my own system again. Of course, that could be a bad thing, as I am sure my stitching time will decrease. Especially since Scott is excited that this gives us the opportunity to Warcraft together(which is exciting for me, too!).

Tonight the girls are off to their grandfather’s for a sleep over. This will be the first time Lauryn will be gone for a sleep over without us. And it will be the first time in years Scott and I have a whole night to ourselves. So, no stitching tonight!

Now, now, none of that – we plan to go to a movie. πŸ˜‰


7 thoughts on “April Goals

  1. Outi

    Tempest was other one I was considering, but it seems to be good that I chose other one. πŸ˜‰
    Waiting to see your conversion.

    I hope that movie in question was captivating. πŸ˜‰

  2. Pam

    Doh, had to delete and redo because of spelling errors, wish you could edit comments LOL

    Great goals, and hope you get it all accomplished!!

    Yay about the new computer! I am lucky (but our budget is not LOL) that my husband builds all our computers. We have 3! of them he’s made for all of us. I can attest that having 2 and being able to play WoW together will hinder your stitching time. I’m constantly asking myself.. play WoW or stitch, lately stitching is winning, but I did play WoW last night *gulp* LOL. Have fun with your evening alone, I can’t even remember the last time Wade and I were without Kerstin, maybe I should make some plans!

  3. Von

    Happy days coming with the arrival of that new computer! Hurray! More hurrahs for some time with DH too!!


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