It’s Monday..

… and raining. The first Monday of April and its raining. How cliche is that?

Anyhoo – we had a great weekend. Saturday night we decided not to go to a movie, since we could stuff our faces for the same price as a movie night. So, off to dinner we went. I had some lovely veal parmesan. I ordered rice with it, unaware that apparently this restaurant parmesans everything. Add to that the minestrone soup for appy, I got all kinds of tomato nutrients in my system for that meal. At least it tasted good, and I love tomato, so it’s all good.

We topped off the evening by renting “Legend of Zorro”, and I thoroughly enjoyed that movie. A swashbuckling good time.

At 1:30 we got the phone call – Lauryn was having issues sleeping and was missing us – so she came home. That’s a clear benefit of living a 2.5 minute drive away from FIL! We got very little sleep on Saturday night because of that. I had to go sell Girl Guide cookies yesterday morning, so I couldn’t even sleep in – especially since the time change stole one of my precious 8 hours.

Following cookie sales, I came home and slept for a good few hours. Then Scott and I traded and he slept while I played WoW for a while.

Today I am running around again, meetings all over the place. I don’t know how much stitching I will get in to Woodland Faerie today, but if I don’t get any, I will make up for it tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “It’s Monday..

  1. Isabelle

    Hi Christine! It’s great to learn you had such a good weekend – and great to know you’re no longer a computer orphan! Woohoo!

    Have a good week my friend 🙂

  2. Anonymous


    Tell Lauryn that I symathize with her completely. I can still remember my aunt and uncle having to take me home around midnight one wekend when I was going to stay over at their place (maybe 10 miles from home). They had to drive me because my parents did not have a car… great guest I was!!!


  3. Faith Ann

    LOL we actually slept *later* even with the time change because DS’s internal alarm clock (that has been waking us at 5am for 2 weeks now) got out of whack over the weekend. We even had to wake him up this morning 🙂

    I’m slow in commenting, but Gifts by the Sea is looking gorgeous!!

  4. Stitch

    Hi Christine! Wow! Does sound like had a busy but wonderful weekend!! 🙂 Don’t worry about all the tomato, it’s good for your heart..hehe…tho I have to say I’ve never heard of parmasean in rice…interesting. Ahhh Girl Scout Cookies!! YUM!! The wonderful sins that tack on the pounds you lost during the winter to lookk good in shorts..LOLOL I don’t know if they make my favorite anymore..the chocolate covered coconut ones..YUM!! Of course they always have thin mints…hehe..and being that we don’t have any girl scouts around here..I missed them this year. *SIGH* oh well…LOL

    Have a great day!

    *BIG HUGS*


  5. jenneke

    Last weekend I joined a spring-camping-weekend as a leader of a scouting group. Needless to say it rained here too, but luckely, for the first time there was no homesickness to be seen anywhere!

  6. Von

    So glad to hear you enjoyed Legend of Zorro. Most of the reviews I heard for it weren’t enthusiastic. But I loved the Mask of Zorro so much, that I’d like to see Legend.
    Hope your rain lifts soon.

  7. Ali B

    Hallo Christine – just dropped by to let you know I am sitting here with Cappuchino in hand enjoying a jolly good read of your Blog, loads of great stuff LOL! Yes, I should be working, but a girl deserves a treat now and again. Enjoy your day (wish we had rain here in England – its really cold but Southern England is going through a drought, serious stuff!) Love your Woodland Faerie and all other treasures. Ali xx

  8. natty68

    Hi Christine, are you still alive in there? You havent updated your blog for a couple of okay hon?

    yep I am a worry



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