Monday Monday

Who sang that song? Papa’s & Mama’s? I don’t know – something else to look up when I get a sec.

Back to business – blogging! Not much to report on the stitching front. I have not picked up a needle since Thursday. I missed it Friday night, but I figured when I was packing for my weekend that I would not have time. Alas.

Anyhoo. I have been browsing this morning (on my own computer, cuz I can!), and I think I have found my piece for the RR Renee is hosting. I found this cute project. Isn’t it sweet? I think it would look cool in my kitchen.

Since I don’t have any stitching updates, I thought I would bore entertain you with some musings I had this morning. I bought a new purse on Wednesday. Very cute purse. It is a lovely grey handbag with a green frog on the side. It has a cute little green jewelled fob, and I love it. I switched out my old purse to the new one and had to even drop the tried and true wallet I was carrying in my old workhorse.

I decided to get a new purse because my old one is huge. I stored everything in there. The problem was that everything never jumped out of my purse and it continued to get heavier and heavier. The new purse is small and only carries what I need for that trip.

This morning, as I was delivering the lunch I forgot to pack with Kimber, I thought, I am one of those moms who looks put together all the time! And it is because of the purse. My coat is a smart looking thing, complete with a broach. With the old purse, I just looked like a practical mom trying to fit in. With the new purse, I look fab!

Saturday Kimber came home from camp with an ear ache. I decided to stay home with her on Saturday night, then in the morning if she was feeling better we would go to camp together. She was, and on Sunday morning, off we went. We had a grand time, and as I got in the van to leave, I looked in the mirror – my camp hat matched my smart coat, which went with my purse. I was practically Jackie O. Sigh.

My issue? I think my brain was linked to my old purse. Since getting the new purse, I have:

* slept in – twice. I was late for camp on Sunday, and Kimber was late for school this morning
* forgot to pack Kimber’s lunch for school
* NOT cleaned the house – seriously – dishes are still on the counter from last week.
* left laundry out on the line, for 4 days – through rain and snow.

Perhaps I should pull out my old purse again. But my new one is just fabulous!

Edited to add – one more thing I forgot – Kimber lost a tooth yesterday. Tooth fairy hid the money on her. I found it late this morning (in Daddy’s change purse). Hee.


7 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Kelley

    I love getting a new purse! Sorry it seems to have thrown you off track though. Maybe it’s cursed?

    And you are right, the Mamas and Papas sang that song.

  2. AnneS

    Great cows chart – will look great all stitched up! 😀 As for the purse, maybe that’s what I need? I never seem to be organised anymore since I moved out on my own … when I was flatting I used to keep everyone on track, now I don’t need to, I just keeping ‘losing track’ oops … hmmm, a smart purse in Jackie O style – might have to go looking ;P Mind you, if I ever looked like Jackie O I think the world would fall off its axis ;P

  3. Lelia

    LOL! You make me smile today. Maybe I need a new purse, too : )

    Or, a haircut — definately need the haircut : )


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