Still here…

…and still stitching. But (*blushes*) I started a new project! lol!

I can’t even tell you what it is – since it is a gifty, but it is cool and soooooo not me, but I am enjoying it, funnily enough. Since this is a deadline project (mostly self imposed since I know it will still be appreciated late), I am putting most of the other stuff (i.e. the tribute piece) on hold until this is done. Shouldn’t take too long.

I spent some time on Monday working on Woodland Fairie. I managed to finish her right arm entirely. I had settled down to really get some good progress with her left arm when my SIL came over. Well, that was the end of that. Which is a shame, because I was actually enjoying the over one for once.

I was going over some past comments and forgot to answer your questions about Scott’s health, Jenna (and thank you so much for asking!). And so, and update.

We have gotten the Dr. to sign off on a bunch of papers for his employer, and they are now waiting for approval for short term disability. If it is a stressed-based issue as the neurologist says (I will keep my opinions about that to myself), then the time off will help. If not, it will leave Scott clear to make it to any appointments he needs to get too.

This is pretty frustrating for us. It is as if no one is taking him seriously except his GP. Everything we have read about his symptoms matches the diagnosis of rapid cycling bipolar exactly. But it is like specialists look at him and decide he is faking before he can get a word out. Oh well – not much we can do except wait it out and keep trying.

That’s all for now. Off to go stitching!


6 thoughts on “Still here…

  1. Von

    Christine, thanks for the update on Scott. Prayers that your doctors will take his case seriously, find a clear diagnosis and that treatment will be effective.

  2. Isabelle

    Sorry to hear about Scott’s news, Christine… The doctors’ reactions must be so frustrating and annoying. I’m going through a similar experience (not for me)… I really hope he gets more attention and proper treatment from the doctors soon!

    I’d love to see an update on your Woodland Fairie – she’s such a beauty! 🙂

  3. Stitch

    Hi Christine! LOL I know what you mean..I’ve started a new project too! LOL *sigh* Maybe one day I’ll actually get SOMETHING done! LOL

    Anyhoo, I’m sorry to hear about Scott’s news. It’s been my experience that often doctors forget what it feels like to be a patient themselves. To remember all the emotions associated with being sick..the fear, uncertainity..etc…they think because they are doctors and are knowledgeable..they don’t have to remember what it feels like..for they know. Little do they know..not everyone reacts the same way. All you can do is keep pressing on…eventually someone will listen..after all..we all are! 🙂

    Have a good one! *BIG HUGS*


  4. Jenna

    Thanks for the update on Scott, Christine. I hope that someone gives him a meaningful diagnosis sometime soon. The whole medical diagnosis process can be so tedious. We lost nearly 6 months with Terry last year, waiting to finally get the right diagnosis (anxiety) and then find the right medication (Lexapro). Sheesh!

    I hope that Scott gets the help he needs and starts to feel a bit more normal as soon as possible.


  5. Wendy

    Christine, what a worry for you with Scott’s problems. Sounds like you have a good family doctor though. Stick with him and keep after him to find a solution for you.

    And good for you to start a new project, all new starts should be guilt-free!

  6. Shelleen

    Sorry that you are having trouble with the doctors. Why is it they either put you down as a hypochrondiact or they just write a prescription for a fast fix instead of finsing out what the problem is. good luck!


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