Colour conversions

I have been asked about the colours used in my dragons. Of course, true to form, I didn’t write them down. So, if you trust my memory (I certainly don’t!):

DMC 727 (for light)
DMC 744 (for med)
DMC 676 (for dark)

Green – as charted

DMC 210 (for light)
DMC 209 (for med)
DMC 208 (for dark)

DMC 3325 (for light)
DMC 3755 (for med)
DMC 334 (for dark)

I found this pattern to be very simple to convert. The orginal chart calls for three shades of green. To substitute a colour, just pick out three shades. It helps if the darkest is noticeably darker (not a subtle shade darker, like the medium one should be). Often you can find these in sequence. The rest of the chart was as designed, with the exception of the yellow dragon. I used Whisper floss for the edging of the stocking. I only did that on the yellow one because I ran out for the others! lol!

The other thing I did differently with the yellow dragon is I backstitched it in DMC 869 vs 310. I thought the black would be far too dark so I opted for the brown.

That’s it! Hope that helps!

I have a couple of progress pictures for you, though they don’t really show much. First, my Woodland Faerie (whom I shall have to name at some point):

She is coming along nicely – I find I make the best progress with her during the daytime. I was working on her on Monday and then that evening I thought I should watch the CSI I had partially recorded from Thursday. Since that was exciting enough for me not to pay attention to the tiny over one’s (and I will not forget to record it this week!!!!) I switched:

… and got a bit done on my RR piece. Not much, but at least all my measurements are done and it is started. In the center I have decided that I will stitch “Robin’s Nest” going vertically and “Round Robin” going horizontally, with “2006” in the centre. The girls will each sign their name to the piece and I think I will have it finished as a cushion. If I can find a cute cow pattern fabric for the form, I think it will look pretty good!

That’s all for today! Have a good day!

6 thoughts on “Colour conversions

  1. Jenna

    Hmmm… good idea to finish your RR as a cushion. I was thinking of a wallhanging, but since it’s going to be a diamond, standing on point, the finishing will be a challenge no matter what. I guess I’ll have to wait until I measure everything out and cut the fabric to see just how big it’s going to be. 🙂

  2. Mylene

    Hi, thanks for dropping by on my blog. Looking forward to stitching on your piece, are we sending it the first of June or is it the 15Th? Sorry, i am not sure anymore.

  3. Kim

    Your dragons turned out great, love the varied colors. 😀 And your fairy is coming along nicely.

    Sorry to hear about the plague…uh I mean the c.pox ;p I remember those and it makes me itchy just thinking about it. Hope everyone recovers soon. 😀


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