Taking five minutes…

This is my RR piece for the Robin’s Nest rr. Your eye’s aren’t bad – it is kind of skungy where I signed it – I had some stitching on the fabric I didn’t like so I pulled it out and didn’t bother washing the fabric again before I started the heart. It seems a tad redundant considering it is going to be a world travelling piece and I will have to wash it when it comes home anyway. So in the spirit of laziness….

Anyhoo – it is off to Holland now to see Mylene and I will get a short break before I receive Leslie’s.

In other news, I am just doing the finishing touches on Tessa’s friendship exchange piece, and it will soon be on it’s way to Australia.

Thanks for all the healing thoughts for Scott. He turned his head on Wednesday and I was struck with a Princess Bride moment… “you wiggled your finger! That’s very good!!”

He is doing much better now, the drugs are working, and he is slowly becoming more limber. At least now he can keep Lauryn busy while I pack!


23 thoughts on “HD!

  1. Jenn

    Very pretty! What pattern is that and how can I get it?

    And giggles on the Princess Bride 🙂 One of my favorite movies!

  2. Carol

    Hi Christine, love the heart! I truly miss your visits to my blog. I hope I didn’t offend you somehow without realizing it, as I have no idea what I could have done… anyhow, miss you 🙂

  3. Stitch

    Hi Christine! So glad to hear that hubby is feeling better!! 🙂 What a darling little heart! I like the thread color too! 🙂 Have a safe travel on your “stitchy” trip!!! Hehehe…come back with lots of goodies…


  4. Karen

    I love that green! Such a pretty colour and I would have never thought of using that shade for a heart shaped pattern. The pattern is very pretty too. Also, glad to hear your husband is feeling better and good luck with packing. Moving is never fun.

  5. Patti

    Glad to hear Scott is getting better. Your rr contribution is wonderful and I love the bookmark you sent to Outi.

  6. Nela

    Hello, desire to invite them to visit my blog Monday, that by reason for birthday of my blog I have a surprise to draw for of gift to my friends

  7. Rebecca

    Glad to hear that Scott is moving a little more and can start helping with some of the packing for this move! Well, maybe he can at least keep the girls busy while you get something done!
    Your heart is wonderful and how did I know that green is your favourite colour?

  8. Carina

    That heart is darling, Christine! I would love the pattern info. as well as the shade of green you used!

  9. Little Grey Cat

    That’s very pretty. I love greens and that is a great choice.

    I hope Scott is better very soon.


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