I am not worthy!!

This Wayne and Garth moment is brought to you by Tessa. Her package arrived home to me today and let me say – it is fabulous!!!!!

Photos – excuse my woeful inabilities with the camera – I cannot do close up shots very well!

The complete package:

A quilted hanging of Just Nan’s “Witch Way”, a Teresa Wentzler “Guardian” kit (scree – an entire kit!!! Scott now tells me I have something to do while we are staying with his family – I think he has forgotten the 7 other projects on the go!!!), a pair of scissors with a beautiful fob (a TW freebie adapted to a fob), ten chocolate teddy bears (for myself and to share with the girls) and two Aussie bears (not Fozzie bears, as I – very poorly – joked with Scott) for Kimber and Lauryn. Tessa outdid herself. Makes my post-its and erasers seem woefully inadequate! lol!

On to details:

A close up on “Witch Way”. This was has been on my wishlist for a while because I love the design. Tessa was concerned I may want to stitch it myself, but as I mentioned to her – if I wait for me to stitch it, I would be one of the models for the piece!

A close up of the back of the fob, which contains a $1.00 Australian coin. Very cool. I love the overdyed used for this piece – very regal.

The front of the fob. A horrible photo which doesn’t do this beauty justice.

And this is my favourite part:

It is a tad fuzzy, but Tessa signed the piece with a ladybug, an Australian flag, and a “made with love” charm.

Thank you soooo much, Tessa!


18 thoughts on “I am not worthy!!

  1. Carol

    Great exchange!!! I love the Just Nan wall hanging – I bet the girls do too!

    I hope you have a safe and very uneventful move! Don’t forget about us – post here and there so we know you are well!

  2. Christine

    That’s a fabulous exchange!!! Our partners from down under really have spoiled us North Americans, haven’t they?

  3. AnneS

    What an awesome parcel from Tessa – full is wonderful goodies! Love the JN wallhanging very much … and the extra goodies are fantastic! Enjoy your spoils 😀

  4. Little Grey Cat

    What a lovely package. I love the colours in the scissor fob. And chocolate, mmmmmm!

    PS, there’s nothing wrong with your photo’s :o)

  5. Juanita - aka flosslady

    What wonderful gifts! The JN piece is fantastic. Too cute, and the little buttons & charms are terrific.

  6. Jenna

    Wow! VERY nice hanging and fob, plus all of those goodies! You have been well and truly spoiled. I hope you enjoy it thoroughly. Congrats! 🙂

  7. Von

    Tessa did go all out for this exchange! And you are definitely worthy, Christine. 😀 Enjoy everything!

  8. Lili

    Wow! I am bewildered! I’ve stitched this TW freebie myself, and I love the scissorfob idea!
    I really laughed at your witch’s model suggestion! Mind you: I have a witch’s nose, and a few weeks ago, I told my DD (5) that I was a witch and that my nose was a proof of it. For a few seconds, she did believe me! Oh my…
    I don’t always comment, but I wanted to tell you how I love your blog!
    Take care!

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