Random musings

Not much of substance to talk about today. I can’t show you what I am stitching because it is for the recipe exchange over on the The Robin’s Nest, so you will have to wait a bit before you see it. But I do have all the supplies to finish it before I am done the stitching, which is a first!

Today the cats are being irritating. They have made it their mission to be underfoot all day. They are getting good at seeming to be out of the way, but when the foot comes down, they are in place of where it should be. Seriously irritating. They are also quite aggressive these last few days. Yesterday I had to vaccuum up excessive patches of cat hair as they decided to have it out. Not sure whose hair it was, but this morning I am armed with a water bottle to cool them down if it starts up again.

In other news, my carple tunnel is making things interesting. This morning I woke up with my wrist sore – that usually doesn’t happen until I have been at the computer for a while. I shall have to keep an eye on it. I noticed last night while stitching that it was cramping, but usually rest will ease the pain. Not so today. Ah, well. The injuries a stitcher gets. Who knew it was such a dangerous sport? lol


4 thoughts on “Random musings

  1. Tracy Baby

    I’m sure the cats will settle down in a few days, I have three cats(all male) and everytime we have moved they seem to feel the need to find out which one is the boss again ? then they settle back into living together peacefully.Hope your arm is feeling better and you can be back to full speed stitching soon.Take care


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