That is the sound of my stitching coming to a complete halt. I am only an hour away from finishing my recipe exchange piece and yoink!!! I broke a needle yesterday morning, which brought me down to one spare. I thought that is a sign – I must stop for a while. Kimber brought out her stitching (she is doing a cute ornament and it is going quite quickly – for her), and lost her needle. “Be very careful,” I said, “don’t lose this one! This is my last needle!!”

That lasted for about 30 minutes. The needle is lost. I have cheapy Walmart needles that have their openings so poorly made my thread gets sliced so I am throwing those out… Sigh.

I guess I will have to go visit my LNS. Oh, darn! lol!


10 thoughts on “SCREEECH!!!!

  1. Joy

    Time to stock up on needles! That being said, I have 2 spares so I should also visit the LNS soon, just in case! πŸ˜‰

  2. Jenna

    Oh my gosh, I start to panic if I have only a pack left! LOL. Then again, I rust through needles with every project, so it’s pretty imperative that I keep stocked up. πŸ˜‰

  3. Michelle

    Oh no! I now carry lots of extra needles with me, because once I lost the one needle I had, and then I couldn’t stitch while I was out that afternoon. Ugh.

  4. Singular Stitches

    I was on a redeye from San Diego to Pittsburgh. I can’t get comfortable enough to sleep on a plane, so I always make sure I bring something needle-related to work on. I decided to board lightly and packed all cross-stitch except the one project I was going to work on and *one* needle. Don’t you know, I was sitting in my assigned seat waiting for everyone else to board, had to re-thread…and, yes…I lost my needle! (it’s not like it could have gone far, but I think it fell into a crevice in the seat) We hadn’t even backed away from the gate!!! 3+ hours of just sitting there while the rest of the people on the plane happily slept…

  5. Lelia

    I’m so sorry! When I started stitching in 1998, I kept running out of needles – or kept losing them. I went to the LNS & bought new ones every time I went shopping.

    Hey take care with your carpel tunnel pain. That must be a challenge to deal with.

    Yes, cats can be annoying creatures. Especially when they need to be on their best behaviour & their worst attitude is showing.

    However, we have a litter of kittens & I’ll gladly give you several more to keep yours company!!! You know the more the merrier LOL

  6. Wendy

    No more needles – what a terrifying thought! I went through that once and made sure it would never happen again!!

  7. Jenny

    You could always try cleaning and vacuuming around your stitching area – seems I always find needles when I do that! πŸ™‚


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