Emergency averted

My psychic friend Ann of Knowledge & Needles was available yesterday to supply me with some needles. She had already ready my blog when I called her and was more than willing to help me out. When we arrived, she had a gift for Kimber, too – her own needles!! Kimber was pretty pleased to have her own. Now I need to stitch a needlebook for her. Perhaps. Hee. Shh, don’t tell her.

I had to laugh at some of your comments, but only one really prompted the gasp of shock. Jenn, for me to pull out the vacuum and clean would be a colassal world event. Huge. It would probably create a volcano to erupt in Siberia.

Off to stitch now.


4 thoughts on “Emergency averted

  1. zoeandcooper

    Glad to hear that you got your needles and the crisis was averted;)

    Thanks for letting me know about the problems with my blog. I think I fixed them. Let me know if it still looks funky.


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