State of affairs

Morning, all. Thought I would take some time today and actually answer the SBQ, suggested by Carol:

Since you started blogging, have you noticed any difference in your stitching habits? Tell us about them.

Well I certainly have bought more!!!! lol!

I have noticed I am stitching more often. I feel guilty when I don’t show y’all progress pictures, so I try and get my butt in gear and stitch a bit every day so you can see something….

That being said I am off to mail my recipe exchange this afternoon then I will be stitching on Gifts by the Sea for the Friends Gather Stitch-A-Thon. The link doesn’t show the most recent work I have done on it, as I have crested the top left corner. I hope to finish at least three more shells. Wish me luck!

On to other news – kitty news. We have officially decided to let the boys go outside. Not that we had a whole lot of choice in the matter – Spike continuously found ways of getting outside. The only way to stop him was to close the glass door on the patio – and with the heat we have been having, that just wasn’t an option. So, out he went. Turkey hasn’t been off the porch yet – he is too much of a home body (or scaredy cat, not sure which), but Spike has been off galivanting all around the neighbourhood. Last night he came home – soaked. Not sure where he was or what he was doing, but the poor thing was absolutely dripping. It looked quite sad and funny at the same time. Didn’t entice him to stay home, though. He is gone again this morning.

So, we need tips on how teach them to do their “business” outside. Will moving the litter box outside work? I suspect Spike is already integrated, but we need to figure out something for Turkey.

And we need collars. We tried them with collars last year and they hated them. They managed to chew each other’s collar off, so we have left them off. Perhaps I need to stop being so cheap and get some decent ones….


9 thoughts on “State of affairs

  1. M

    The boys have to have collars for so many reasons. Maybe now that they’re distracted by everything outside they’ll not think of their collars. And the box outside worked for me, my current kitty in an “innie” but my last was an “outie” and after a while he never even used the box out there. (I can only imagine … :o)

  2. Tracy Baby

    Here in NZ cats are outside most of the time (we don’t have any large wild animals, bears etc to worry about or snakes) however a thought on the collar issue if you have trees in your yard cats often get collars caught in branches and can strangle could try moving the litter box to the deck and then slowly moving it into the yard good luck.

  3. Rowyn

    Moving the litter box further and further outside should work. Like Tracy’s cats, my cats don’t wear collars either because there is too much bush around for them to get caught on. I hope they enjoy discovering the great outdoors!

  4. Lili

    Well. My two cats are outdoor cats. When we adopted Luna, she would use the litter every time, she even came back home just to use it and go away. But after a while, she simply followed Phoebe’s example and now the litter is practically unused. Convenient!
    Collars: I tried to put one to Luna before we had her tatooed, but she hated it and lost all her hairs at that place: she had a chicken’s neck, how lovely!!! Our vet is clearly against them because he says some cats get stuck or hanged… As a worried owner, I would’ve liked to use some, but the cats didn’t agree, nor the vet, so I let down…
    Take care!

  5. jenneke

    Hi Christine, Love the progress on Gifts by the sea. It really has quite a lot of detail. On the cat collars, I have to agree with Tracy. They could get caught in branches and suffocate. I went to the vet and he inserted a special chip under their skin so vets and animal shelters can identify them if they are lost and found.

  6. Wendy

    Good luck with your Gifts by the Sea stitching. Once you see a piece getting near the finish, its hard to put it down again.

    I think its a good idea to let your kitties enjoy the great outdoors. I really like cats far better who are outdoor cats. But I don’t think collars are a good idea, its likely they would just come back home without them. Oh, and, great kitty names!

  7. Kali

    Mine never wore collars outdoors as they were never intended to be outside cats. They were both declawed but kept sneaking out. They would never allow me to put a collar on though so I gave up.

  8. Sara

    My cats hate collars but I personally don’t let them go outside. I’d be too worried they’d get hit by a car or get in a fight. I believe they make collars that release if the cat gets stuck somehow, so might want to research that one. The thing I hate about outdoor cats though is that they use other peoples gardens as their litter box too. Your neighbours will be darn peeved about finding cat poo amongst their flowers. But if your neighbours aren’t close by then that might not be an issue. It’d be really cool if you could try and train them to use the same area all the time when the go outside.


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