And lo! A chorus sang on high…

… because I have bought batteries and can finally show you my progress.

Here is my progress on Gifts by the Sea. This is all my work since the 14th of this month. An end is near, my friends. Woot.

… and the finished Wintry Mix. I am really pleased with this photo – the fabric actually looks like this colour. I might be learning to take pictures! lol

No other news. I am off to have stitch in the sun, now. Ta!


11 thoughts on “And lo! A chorus sang on high…

  1. vEr0n!c@

    Oh wow! Both pieces are stunning. Congrats on finishing Wintry Mix. Look forward to another happy dance from you.

  2. Outi

    Yay for pretties! \o/

    There has been great progress in GbtS since I last saw it (though I had that “insanity attack” of couple of months *grin*) and Wintry Mix is just so Oooh!.

  3. Jenna

    You’ve been a busy little bee! Gifts by the Sea will be done before you know it and Wintry Mix looks gorgeous!

  4. Witchypoos

    Woo … Wintry Mix looks lovely what are your plans for it ??
    I have mine framed in my sewing room ..

  5. gC

    Wow! That is about all I can say. These 2 projects look great! Is that a charm in the middle of Wintry Mix? Just curious… Keep up the happy stitchy and be safe and sound…

  6. AnneS

    Congrats on finishing Wintry Mix – that looks really pretty 🙂 And you’ve made great progress on your Gifts by the Sea … the end definitely is in sight – you go girl! 😀

  7. Michelle

    These both look great. I have the Just Nan in my stash, I think. You are getting so close with your Seashells – looking fantastic!

  8. Von

    So glad your camera is working again! I’m sure I’ll find more wonderful pics of your work as I make my way through your updates. 😀


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