Only five more shells to go to a happy dance! Here is last night’s progress:

It is Wednesday and time for the SBQ as suggested by Von:

Many of us have a few pairs of embroidery scissors and some even have a “collection”. How many pairs of scissors do you have? Feel free to share a photo of your favorite pair or pairs with us!

I have two pairs of scissors and one snips (see the photo below). My snips are my stand by – they have been with me since the beginning and are my tried and true. Then I did an exchange with Dani and she sent me a beautiful beaded fob, for which I had to go out and buy a pair of scissors for. Which successfully switched me over to scissors full time. The snips rarely come out any more. The second pair of scissors was a pair I got from Tessa for the friendship exchange we recently did. These are a smaller pair, and I have dedicated those to cutwork.

Thanks for all your comments recently – it is really motivating to me to open my email in the morning and see all the cheering going on for my pieces. And if you get nothing else out of my blog, make the honey cake. I have yet to meet anyone who didn’t enjoy it.

Isabelle – yes, I am Flemish Canadian. It is very cool that we share that bit of heritage. My father and my grandparents on my mother’s side are all immigrants. We grew up speaking Flemish at home, though I don’t think it is the proper language – I am sure we anglisized quite a bit of it. Many of our meals growing up were things that most of my friends never heard of or even had the guts to try, and we had a lot of European influences growing up.

On to something I saw on loads of blogs this morning, so of course I had to jump in:

You Are: 20% Dog, 80% Cat

You are are almost exactly like a cat.
You’re intelligent, independent, and set on getting your way.
And there’s no way you’re going to fetch a paper for anyone!

That is all for today! Painting is on the menu, as long as the rain holds off, so I had better get started!


9 thoughts on “Progress

  1. Singular Stitches

    I love that shell design! I thought of starting it when we got that issue of CSCC, but never did. I’m so glad that I’ve been able to watch your progress on it.

  2. Isabelle

    Wow Christine, you’re really getting there! 😀
    And thank you for explaining your heritage – that is so interesting! I find it fascinating that we are so far apart and yet share the same roots 🙂
    Good luck with all the painting too 🙂

  3. Von

    Really beautiful scissors, Christine! I’ve developed quite a thing for scissors in the last few years and feel quite proud that I have been able to resist temptation and buy only one pair a year, lol!


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