This one is for Judie

I got a complaint last night at our weekly stitching gathering that I don’t post to my blog often enough and I should do so on a daily basis. šŸ˜‰ So Judie, this one is for you.

There is not a lot of stitching to report. Got a bit done on the largest shell left, but not enough to really show progress. So instead, I thought I would start something new with my blog.

My emotional state has not been normal these last few weeks (go figure – I am nearly 30 years old and homeless with my family), and have decided to something about it. I have been admiring on Michelle’s blog her daily grateful statements. I will be doing something similar and posting my joy of the day. You don’t have to read it since I am posting it for me, but I do realize it is a public blog and I like sharing with you my friends.

So for today entry. Yesterday we went to a loonie farm a few minutes away. I thought I would share a photo I took:

This is a photo of Kimber taking a photo of the goats. To get them to look at her, she would “BAAAAAAA!!!!” It was the funniest thing. She is my joy for the day.

That is it for now! Till tomorrow.


7 thoughts on “This one is for Judie

  1. Tessa

    Christine, it is easy to think that the ‘destination’ is more important than the ‘journey’ – it is a good idea to enjoy the journey too. I truely believe, after some harder times, that if I couldn’t share my life with the love of my life, then I would really have nothing! You have such a lovely family and that is a such a blessing – many of my friends are having such troubles to have a family….
    Hugs to you (((((((((( Christine )))))))))) from your Aussie friend x

  2. Von

    Good idea, Christine, to find and express joy in each day. I’ve also found Michelle’s grateful statements to be uplifting. I think that we need to always look for the joy in the small and sometimes ordinary things in life that will carry us through hard times.

  3. Jenna

    I agree with you, Christine. Michelle’s statements have been inspirational, haven’t they? Perhaps we should all begin to do this? I Have a book that I want to actually manage to follow for an entire year and one of the things you do as a task are to come up with 5 things each day for which you are grateful.

  4. AnneS

    I have to agree with you – I’ve been enjoying Michelle’s statements of joy as well, and think it’s a wonderful idea šŸ™‚

    You gave me a laugh with your “loonie farm” comment, though – I presume that means an animal farm … over this side of the world, though, it means a home for the insane LOLOLOLOL šŸ˜‰

    You are sooooo close now to finishing your GBS WIP … I know what you mean about getting bored, though – you just need to stitch something else more interesting for a while then get back to it … you can do it! šŸ˜€

    And to finish (can you tell I’m behind in reading again haha), how wonderful to see that photo of you and Scott … I love to see my stitching/blogging pals šŸ˜€


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