Slow progress

I managed to sit down with GBS last night, but of course that meant I had to turn on the tv and watch Monty Python. And we all know how much stitching I get in doing that!

I am starting to get really bored with this project again. I think I may pick up one of my TW pieces over the next couple of days and come back to it, just for a change.

Yesterday it rained for a good part of the day so I was stuck inside to stitch, which isn’t too bad except that the lighting in this house is horrible for stitching. There are only two windows in the main room and they are on the north and east side of the house and very little sunlight actually comes in. So I will have to keep my eye open for a lamp that I can use. My poor eyes are not happy!

My joy today is my marriage. I am so very lucky to be with Scott, and lucky that he is stubborn enough to keep pushing me outside my boundaries. When I get upset I shut down and do not want contact with anyone – and he forces me out of that shell. I am sure that left alone to wallow in self pity we would not be together today. And because of all this I am a better person for it.


13 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. Isabelle

    LOL! I know what you mean about stitching while watching Monty Python! πŸ˜‰
    You have so litttle left to do on that piece – you surely deserve a break!
    That’s a lovely picture of you and Scott – thanks for sharing it with us πŸ™‚

  2. katica

    Great picture of the two of you…

    The lamp that I use if from Ikea, not expensive, but great too… Its the Global one (you can see it under work lamps – mine is black) and I’ve had mine going on almost 4 years, and use it every day and have yet to change a bulb in it…

    good luck in finding a lamp that you like! Its always fun to go and look around/shop for new stitching accessories!

  3. zoeandcooper

    You are so close to a finish on that one. Your right though, it is a good idea to work on something else if you are getting bored with it! It is supposed to be a fun hobby after all!

  4. Von

    Thanks for sharing the pic of you and Scott! Sounds like he’s just the right one for you, and I’m sure he feels the same about you!

  5. jenneke

    Hi Christine! You two sure look great together on that picture. Good luck with the shells. The finishing line is close by.

  6. Gramma

    Just dropped by for a visit, and enjoyed myself very much. I spent way too much mney but got a wonderful lamp that reproduces natural light. Since then, I have found lightbulbs that do a good imitation, don’t cost much more than regular bulbs, and are in the same section at the store. I think GE makes them, and they are blue. Good luck, and your stitching is lovely.

  7. Rebecca

    Is that coffee in your hand??? Surprise, Surprise!
    Great picture of you and Scott, much more flattering of Scott than the one you previously posted with him sprawled on the couch!
    My natural lamp (which you have seen) I got from Costco about three years ago and I too use it most days and have never had to change the bulb. If I’m there I’ll see if they still have them.
    Hope all is well, the pictures of your girls are beatiful, just like them! See you on the 13th!

  8. Outi

    I’ve to admit that I’ve always wanted to know how you look like (now your blog has a face) and here comes the revelation!

    You two look so cute, btw. ^^


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