Gah!!!!! Welcome to summer!

Today it hit a wonderous 49 degrees Celsius (that is 120 Fahrenheit, boys and girls) here in southern Ontario. Woot. You can imagine just how much fantarific stuff got done here today. It is still sweltering in this house with no air conditioning or air movement and I don’t even feel the urge to blog except that people start complaining if I don’t. 😉

It is far too hot to stitch these past couple of days, as my fingers are so sweaty that I can’t hold the needle and I would be afraid of staining the fabric anyway. Lily Maiden has gotten a few stitches in to her, but not nearly enough.

I have managed to compile my 101 things in 1001 days list. After seeing Belinda’s and Jenna’s lists, I have finally gotten off my hiney and created a list. Unfortunately actually creating the list, I don’t think, counts as one of those things.

As you go over my list, you may be surprised at a few of the things I have listed. Aside from re-reading a number of the novels listed, I have never done most of the things on my list. (Now before you freak out – I do brush my teeth. Really. I am just horrible at doing it every single day. I usually miss one day out of 4, or only remember to do it after lunch. Then I will go out, remember I forgot, then pop a piece of gum in my mouth to make my breath not so horrible. I just need consistency. I have very bad oral hygene.)

Well, that was probably a bit too much information. Moving on.

We have decided to take a vacation. Woot! We will be going to New Brunswick for a couple of weeks, visiting family, seeing the sites, etc. Should be fun and relaxing. Bad news is I miss a couple of important events while we are gone. One being the annual stitching retreat hosted by Knowledge and Needles. I will try to keep my blog updated while I am there, but I have no idea what kind of internet access we will have. I do promise that when we get settled back in I will have oodles of stories and photos.

My joy today is my readers. I have gotten so many wonderful emails of support and comments from all of you that I can’t help but feel special. Thank you all so much!


10 thoughts on “Gah!!!!! Welcome to summer!

  1. jenneke

    What a wonderfull idea to make a 101 things task list! I think I might make one for myself too, just wondering if I could come up with enough short and long term goals for my life just now.:)

  2. Sew-in-Love

    Man, 49! That’s obscenely hot! I thought it was bad in Germany last week at almost 40! I suppose after 35, you don’t feel the difference anymore.

    I have the mag with that sea-shell design in too.=)

  3. Belinda

    *chuckle* I actually thought about putting consistent flossing on my list as well, but didn’t.

    List looks great!

  4. Michelle

    Love your 101 list. I am really enjoying working on mine. I am finally getting around to all those things I’ve wanted to do.

  5. natty68

    Christine, you arent the only one that forgets to clean her teeth.. DH despairs of me with this particularly bad habit, but as I keep telling him I’m not the one that is having a thousand pounds worth of dental treatment even after religiously cleaning teeth twice a


  6. Tessa

    49 is bloody hot! It is about 4 degrees right now in Adelaide and we are sitting in front of a roaring fire to keep warm!

  7. Jenna

    I’m glad that you did a 101 things list. Make sure you let me know when you’re ready to work on Celestial Dragon. I have that design in my stash, too, and it’s so big, I think it deserves a SAL. 🙂

  8. Lynn

    hmmmmmm a 101 list. I have been seeing a lot of these. almost makes me wanna do one too…. ummmm (thinking here). it is on my todo list. mwahahahaha


  9. tkdchick

    I’m so sad I’m going to miss you at the retreat this year! But I’m sure you and your family deserve the vacation!!!


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