I’m here!

I’m alive – no fear. I am finally getting around to posting. Woot.

Loads to tell you about – first off, on Thursday I received a package from Renee containing Leslie’s round robin and my recipe exchange!!! This is the second time Renee has mailed the exchange peice – the first time I received an empty package!!!! Someone had opened it up and taken out the contents! Apparently they were in need of some quick stitching stuff. Anyhoo, Renee was a doll and re-stitched something for me and got it out post haste.

Renee made a lovely pot holder (fantastically finished) which will have a place of honour in my new kitchen. She also sent me a package of coffee napkins (hee!) which I can use to serve the Guglhopf I will make with the recipe she sent me. Thanks, Renee!

I was so impressed by our postal systems for this exchange. Renee’s post card is dated July 31 – I received this package August 3. That is 4 days from Germany to here in Canada. I can’t send stuff across our country that fast.

Since we will be leaving soon, I decided I would stitch up all my obligation stitching before we leave since they are all smaller projects. I am working on a RR for Angie, one of our Thursday night stitching group, and should have that done in a couple of hours. Then I move on to Leslie’s RR, which I should be able to finish in a couple of days (it doesn’t need to go out until October 15, but this way I can have it packaged and ready to go and not worry about it). Then I have my needleroll exchange piece to stitch up, so I can mail it away immediately after our vacation. I have the pattern all picked out and it should be a fairly quick stitch. After those are done, I will go back to GbS.

On to the SBQ as suggested by Carol:

Do you have a favorite needlework tool that you like to work with? What is it and why do you like using it?

I don’t really have any fancy tools, but I do love my scissors. They are just so pretty! And yes, I am a fan of pretty.

On to joys – this week I have been relishing the weather. Until Wednesday, it was extremely hot – we spent many an hour in the pool cooling off. The girls had loads of fun in there, and we got nice and cool. Wendesday night we had some major storms here. Trees were downed, loads of lightning and wind – and the temperature dropped about 20 degrees celcius. Wednesday night we all got a great night’s sleep as the house cooled off. Thursday it was warm and rainy and Friday and today are GLORIOUS!!!! Perfect summer days – not too hot, a nice cool breeze, and not a cloud in the sky. I will be enjoying today by stitching for a couple of hours then painting the fences of the yard. I hope this weather continues!


4 thoughts on “I’m here!

  1. Jenna

    I’m glad to hear that the weather has cooled down to something much more reasonable for you. Enjoy it while it lasts! 🙂

  2. zoeandcooper

    Renee did such a lovely job on the exchange! That is an adorable pot holder. I am glad to hear it all arrived safely and intact:)

  3. tkdchick

    Great exchange parce. I always marvle at the speed of the Canada Post one day and how slow it is the next!


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