Updates and the SBQ

I do try to sit and update this blog daily – really I do. Then something comes up and I need to run off and take care of it and the blog gets forgotten for another day.

Today my morning is mine, so I am taking five minutes and blogging. Let’s start with the SBQ as suggested by Ami:

For those of you who use hand or over-dyed floss, how do you store it?

I don’t have many over-dyed flosses. Mainly because I’m cheap. But the flosses I do have are stored on the card they came on and in a ziplock bag. Inventive, huh?

Speaking of overdyed flosses, I am working diligently on Leslie’s round robin, which is completely done with overdyes. It is going painfully slow. Nobe because of the overdyes, but because I am trying that thing (and I don’t remember what it’s called) where you put your needle between the threads to ensure they lay flat. I have never done that on a project before and while the results are fantastic, I am not getting the speed behind me that I usually have. I am an impatient person and this is certainly a lesson for me! lol!

On to other things. I have spent the last couple of days in the car, driving to Kingston. My SIL had a doctor’s appointment there on Tuesday and the girls and I went along for the ride – which meant an early morning wake up (gasp – sacrelidge in the summer!!!!) and loads of coffee.

Yesterday Scott had an appointment there and I went along for the ride – which meant another early morning wake up on a summer day; cue the coffee. We had a wonderful day wandering around town and checking out some very cool shops. I had no idea this city was so eclectic – right up my alley!

We then went for lunch in Napanee. We went to a cute British pub that really wasn’t very British and they only had three beers on tap (which in my opinion for a British pub is just as bad as waking up early in the summer time). We had two very dry sandwiches for lunch after I embarassed myself. I asked for a rueben (my absolute favourite sandwich of all time), with vegetable soup and she said, sorry, we are all out of pastrami. Ok, I said, I will have turkey soup instead. Fortunately the wall was nearby for which I could bang my head. 😉

The day was loads of fun and it was nice to spend this quality time with Scott. Especially since it was our anniversary. Hee. We actually got some time to sit and figure out a plan for the next little while to get us out of this rut we are in. We have come to the conclusion that neither one of us is happy living here – we were never happy in Ontario. We have gone over our options and I finally feel like we are moving forward. After our vacation we will be pushing towards are plan. Which I can’t of course share with you until we at least tell a few people who are involved. But things feel better now, and that is a good start.

Today my joy is our excitement for our vacation! This is the first time we have gone anywhere without a fixed schedule – the only thing we have scheduled is the time we need to be back. We leave tomorrow to visit some friends of ours and some family then on Sunday we start the 13 hour drive to Saint John. I don’t know if I will be able to post anything until we get back, but I do promise photos! Until then…


15 thoughts on “Updates and the SBQ

  1. Michelle

    Have fun on your vacation and congratulations on formulating a plan that the two of you are happy with for your future!

  2. Juanita - aka flosslady

    Enjoy the vacation!!

    The stitching technique you mentioned is called railroading. It’s troublesome at first, but will become second-nature after you’ve practiced it for a while.

  3. Stitch

    LOL Christine! Turkey soup instead!! LOLOL I’m sure it was good tho! 🙂

    Glad to hear that things are progressing towards true happiness. That’s always a good thing! 🙂

    Have a wonderful vacation and may you find the answers you are looking for. I wish you safe travels..and will see you when you get back! 🙂

    *BIG HUGS*

    X Stitch X

  4. Christine

    Railroading can be a bit slow once you start but it’ll soon become second nature. The first piece I railroaded was Titania (I think) and I’ve done it ever since, even on small pieces.

    Enjoy your holidays!

  5. natty68

    Have a good holiday Christine 🙂 I can’t get to grips with railroading but I think maybe I should persevere with it. The results are pretty amazing afterwards that I do agree with 🙂

  6. Little Grey Cat

    Ooh, have a great vacation! Looking forward to your update and photo’s.

    Does railroading make much of a difference? Can we see a close-up of your work when you get back? I’ve never tried it and would be interested to see it.

  7. Jenneke

    Have a great vacation Christine! Good to know that you are making progress in your life. Down periods aren’t so bad if you’re on your way out.

    Railroading takes time to get used to, but in the end you will get used to railroading. It makes quite a difference when you’re working with blends.

  8. Rebecca

    Have a wonderful vacation! Glad to hear a plan is in the works, knowing the direction you are headed helps make your heart happy and light!
    Tell the girls Cameron and Caleb say “HI!” and get them to dip their toes in the water for me!

  9. Jenna

    If you feel like it’s taking you too long to railroad right now, you can shortcut by only railroading the top leg of each stitch. That might help you get into the habit of railroading, but reduce the time it’s taking you to accomplish it right now.

    I can’t believe you are going to Saint John! Terry’s father is there right now visiting his family for a few weeks. That’s just too funny. 🙂

    I, too, am happy to hear that you guys have been able to sit down and work out a good plan. Now you just have to make it happen! 😀


  10. Sara

    I remember when I started rail-roading that it took forever, but the results are great. The stitches lay nice and flat and cover the fabric better. It’s now second nature to me, I don’t even think about it.

  11. AnneS

    Great to hear you having a wonderful time on vacation … I figure any sort of vacation is good for the soul and recharging your batteries – and it sounds like you’ve been making some life changing decisions to improve things for you and Scott – great going, sometimes it’s hard to face those facts, but it’s amazing when you come to realise what it is that’s making you unhappy … so hope it all pans out well for you 😀


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