Change of plans

Fate is toying with us. We still have not left for New Brunswick. Our van is in need of some repairs before we leave and we left it to FIL, who “knows a guy” who is doing the work for us cheaply. While that is fantastic, he couldn’t look at it before Friday. We arranged with SIL to take her car for our visit to Waterloo, and that worked out fine, but when we arrived home yesterday, the van was still not done. It was supposed to be home on Saturday afternoon, and we have had no contact from “the guy”. So we are hoping to get it home today so we can leave early in the morning.

Ok, this is a topic of a rant here, so skip ahead if you want. I realize we aren’t a full paying customer and so we aren’t high on his priority list, but we are a customer nonetheless and we do use word of mouth a lot, especially when it comes to mechanics. We never find one using the phone book, we ask around of our neighbours and friends. If someone is in love with their mechanic, we give them a try. I know we aren’t the only ones who do that. One would think that this “guy” would take two minutes and make a phone call that could save him a bunch of customers. If he treats us like this, how does he treat his full paying customers? It is a simple thing and it goes a long way. Suffice to say, we likely won’t be going to “the guy” again.

On to another rant. It is a good thing we were home today as I received an email this morning from an ONS from which I have ordered some hand dyed fabric. My order, which I have placed weeks ago, has been cancelled! No explaination, just “thanks”. Arg!!!!! No money has left my bank, so I am not out anything exept for the time. I could get over it but this is time sensitive! It is coming from the US, and I needed to give it time to go through customs and now there is no time for that. So now I need to re-order. It will be from a different ONS. Preferably a Canadian one that takes paypal. Sigh.


10 thoughts on “Change of plans

  1. Isabelle

    Oh no! That is tough. šŸ˜¦ I hope you’ll be able to leave real soon. And that ONS “cancellation” sucks. What on earth?!
    I really hope the van gets fixed anytime now and you can all spend a great holiday in New Brunswick. Take care! šŸ™‚

  2. Rebecca

    Sorry things aren’t going as planned! I hope the van is on the way home to you, fixed and ready to go. At least you have something to fill the time while you are waiting…stitching of course! The no show of the fabric is a PITA! Is it something you could take a stab at yourself? Anyway, take care and enjoy your vacation once you get going.

  3. natty68

    Oh no Christine, sorry the trip has been delayed. Hopefully the van will be fixed soon and you can get to New Brunswick and have a great time away.


  4. Juanita - aka flosslady

    Ugh… sounds like fate has not been your friend these past couple of days. šŸ˜¦ I hope it all gets better soon.

    Your rant about the mechanic is completely understandable. A little bit of customer service goes a long way, especially in businesses where word of mouth is so important.

  5. Carol

    Oh my goodness – I hope I don’t run into that ONS!!! I would rather boycott it! Sorry you have all that trouble to deal with šŸ˜¦

  6. Von

    Oh Christine, what a pain! Well, I hope that you are on your holiday now having a wonderful time! Maybe you’ll run into a needlework shop that will have the fabric you need. šŸ˜€

  7. AnneS

    I hope things have picked up for you since your last post … rant away any time you need to – what better way to share your feelings than with your blogging pals, who all understand and sympathise with you šŸ™‚ {{hugs}}

  8. Lili

    Hi Christine, I’m used to reading your blog, and sometimes comment… Well, it’s been long since you last posted, so I find it a little worrying -and I see I’m not the only one.
    I hope you and your family are OK, and wish you the best for this new school year starting.


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