Change of plans

Apparently fate is toying with us. We haven’t left for New Brunswick yet. Our van has been in need of repair and FIL “knows a guy” who is doing it for us, fairly cheap. While this is great, the van wasn’t even looked at until Friday morning. We had arranged with SIL to take her car for our visit to Waterloo and that went fine – we were told that the van would be fixed Saturday afternoon, so we would be able to come home Sunday, pack for going east and leave early this morning. We came home last night to no van. And no contact from “the guy”.

I understand that for the amount we are paying him that we shouldn’t be priority – he has full paying customers to worry about. But a phone call would make quite a difference. If he is relying on word of mouth from people, he won’t be getting any from us – it is a simple customer service thing. Two minutes on the phone can save a ton of customers. We always have found our mechanics by word of mouth. We don’t trust advertising in this department and if you have found someone who is in love with their mechanic, this is a good thing. I know we aren’t the only ones who do this, so one would thing this guy would do a good job just to get customers. Sigh. We are hoping we can get it back today and leave in the morning.

It is a good thing we were home today, though. I put an order in at an ONS for some hand-dyed fabric, and this morning I got an email my order was cancelled! No reason, just “thanks”. No money has left my bank account, so I am not out anything, but it is irritating – this order is time sensitive! I have no idea if I order it again if it will arrive in time, as it is coming from the US and I have to give it time to clear customs. I have an email in to the sales department complaining, and in the mean time I am re-ordering from a different ONS.


One thought on “Change of plans

  1. Singular Stitches

    Getting an out of warranty auto fixed is about as much fun as getting a double root canal!

    I feel your pain…


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