Missed me?

WARNING – This entry has LOTS of photos – it may take a while to load. And some are hosted by blogger and some aren’t – this is a hit or miss post. πŸ˜‰


Have I tortured you all long enough? Don’t worry – not blogging has been torturous for me, as well.

I have so much to share with you, that I will have to divide it up into a bunch of entries. The first and most important, I suppose, is that we are still in New Brunswick and have decided to stay here. We have been scouting around getting information on cost of living and average wages, and discovered that there are a bunch of large companies here begging for staff. There are a huge amount of call centers here and on Friday alone I found two jobs in my field (printing and graphic production) – something I haven’t seen for years. So, we have decided to stay and make a go of it here. A bonus is that there is family around here as well that we are staying with until we get sorted out. But that is a blog entry in itself. I will keep you all posted on that front.

Since we are staying, internet access still won’t be back up to what it was until we get settled in somewhere and we get a few paychecks. So blog entries are still going to be few and far between.

So let’s talk about our drive down today. I have ooodles of photos, so this may take a while, and I will do the rest of our vacation in another entry. I also have a few (yep – 3!) happy dances to share.


We finally ended up leaving on the afternoon of the 16th. We had so many “one more thing” ‘s that it just kept pushing back the timeline. So here we are, five minutes up the road, and the girls are already comfortably settled into the trip:

By the time we were up the road a half an hour, this was our view:

A number of boring hours passed, roads were clear and it was an easy drive. Until we hit the Ontario-Quebec border:


I tried to take a “Welcome to Quebec/Goodbye to Ontario” sign, but apparently my skill in photography (ha!) isn’t that developed.

We took some advice and ended up going the long way through Montreal where not only was the route longer but it was construction all the way along (if you are ever driving passed Montreal – take the 20 – NOT THE 40!), and ended up in the tunnel with a French guy’s name that I don’t recall now (Lafayette? I don’t know).

We stopped for a pee break here (one of many) and let the girls go nuts around a post:

Don’t ask me where we were – I don’t have a clue. Somewhere between Montreal and Drummondville.

We finally stopped for the night about half way between Drummondville and Quebec City. This was the girls first night at a hotel:

And while this wasn’t the nicest hotel we have stayed at, it was cool because:

It had dinosaurs and

monster trucks!!!!

Back on the road where we could enjoy the scenery. Let me tell you – Quebec is beautiful. There are rolling hills and farmland and trees – very nice and just what I like. I am a prairie girl, though, and am used to big farms. One thing I saw in Quebec really confused me, and hopefully one of you readers can help me out here. It seemed that farmers in Quebec (it stopped at the New Brunswick border) all seem to have a break in their feilds. It is like every 30 feet they dug a trench or planted some bushes, or something. It seems like a large waste of land to me – especially if one is going to have the same crop on both sides of the trench, why not even it out and get more bang for your buck? I tried to take a photo:

The other thing we noticed about Quebec was it’s names for its villages and towns. LOOONNNNGGGGG! Check this one out:

This place is Berthier-sur-Mer-Saint-Francois. It is like a Monty Python sketch. (No offense to the Quebecois, of course – I mean this all in jest). It is like they built a church, and named the town “The-church-of-Saint-Francois-that-is-down-by-the-river-next-to-Frank’s-farm-not-the-one-on-the-left-but-the-one-across-the-river-and-over-the-bridge”. This isn’t a random occurance, either. Just about every town along the route is named like that. Crazy.

The best name belongs to a town close to the New Brunswick border: St.-Louis-du-Ha!-Ha! Seriously. Mapquest it.

Finally we hit the border of New Brunswick. I was able to take a photo of that:

And we stopped for lunch and let the girls go nuts around a pole:

Before we left, the girls got some change from their grandfather to spend at the candy machines at the stops and what-not. Kimber decided that it was nice to share one of her smarties with me:

… but only half.

Back on the road and the same scenery:

The drive through New Brunswick was gorgeous as well – the main highway takes you right alongside the Saint John river – water water everywhere!

We made it in around 9:30 and immediately went to bed. Woot! We arrived!


I think that is probably enough for today – more later this week!


17 thoughts on “Missed me?

  1. Shelleen

    Glad that you made it ok and good luck with the new location and jobs.
    I haven’t updated my blog like I used to either. Now that school is back in session I will have more time.

  2. Isabelle

    I missed you Christine!! Good to see you back – and with great news, too! πŸ™‚
    Did you have the time to mail the needleroll exchange? I may need another mailing address for your exchange partner too πŸ˜‰

  3. Anonymous


    We are going to miss you so much Thursday nights! Thank goodness we can keep in touch with you via your blog and e-mail!
    I have posted the Retreat pics on my site.
    Good luck with on the house hunting and job front. On some level I wan’t completely shocked when I read that you had decided to stay in NB…just sad that you will be so far away!
    Hang in there!


  4. Sara

    Glad you see you arrive safely! NB is a wonderful province, I drove there last summer to camp at the Bay of Fundy. I remember seeing that St. Louis du Ha-Ha sign as well! Very funny. I hope you have lots of success and happiness there.

  5. Altavistagoogle

    Got here by Blogsearching New Brunswick. (A vanity search as my blog was second yesterday).

    1.Highway 40 (Metropolitain) is the shortest and fastest way accross Montreal. Taking highway 20 (the one south of Highway 40) to get through Montreal is terrible advise (tisk, tisk). Highway 20 in Vaudreuil has stop lights! Then you have to take the Champlain bridge with all the commuters to the south shore and traffic the USA and the Eastern Townships (not fun).

    In a few years, highway 30 will allow you to avoid Montreal completely (via the South shore), but it will still be longer than highway 40 (Metropolitain) in distance.

    The tunnel you took (highway 25, linking H-40 to H-20) is called Louis-Hypolite-Lafontaine. Interesting fellow, look him up (represented North York in parliament!).

    They do have long names in Quebec. Saint and Sainte are never abriviated.

    Berthier-sur-Mer and Saint-François are different places. No -, different place.

    The farms in Quebec (except in the Eastern Townships) are quite narrow. The original idea was to let everybody access the river from their land. You will also find this in New Brunswick along the ocean.

  6. Anonymous

    Christine, glad to see you are all safe and well. What a fantastic record of your journey.
    And it’s good to know that one of the only things you’ll need to install at your new home is a pole in the backyard for the girls to play with!!
    Cathymk (not able to leave blogger comments at the moment)

  7. Jenna

    So, what town are you guys in? As I mentioned before, Terry’s dad’s family is located in the are of St. John. We’ll be visiting there next summer, so if you ended up in the nearby area, we’ll have to meet up! SERIOUS congratulations on finding what seems to be abundant work for the both of you. That is great news!!!

  8. natty68

    Glad you arrived safe and sound – have missed you πŸ™‚

    Once you settle in a new place you must let me have your address πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to reading the rest of your holiday/relocation..


  9. Rebecca

    YEA! So happy for you! I knew from reading your other posts and talking with you the last time you were at the house that both you and Scott were thinking of heading in that direction permanently and when I didn’t see a post from you in time for the girls to start school here that you were probably going to be staying there permanently. Hope all goes well and both you and Scott find work in your fields. Keep your chin up!

    You stitching SAL partner in Ontario!

  10. Darla

    Well, yes, as a matter of fact, you have been missed. Glad to “see” you back, and that things seem to be looking up for you and yours.

  11. Von

    Loved seeing all your pics of the trip, Christine!! Brings back so many memories of traveling with our small childen. πŸ˜€

    Great news about the job situation in NB.


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