It’s Sunday

… and I am a lazy slug. So what does that mean? It means no photos for you. Sorry. We got some interesting news on Friday; the apartment we thought we were renting has been rented out to someone else. Fortunately there is another one available in the same complex we are looking at on Monday. Stay tuned for updates on this drama! lol

So remember I mentioned Nan makes Barbie clothes? Guess what else she does? She knits like a super woman. So I thought I would take advantage and grab some tips. I have started an afghan from Canadian Living (the link will bring you to their knitting page), September issue. It only has the knitting stitch, nothing fancy. I am making 6-1/2″ squares, then sewing them together. I need 72 of them and I have 3-1/2 done. During this process, I learned how to cast on properly – apparently that was all wrong – and I have been drilled in to hold my needles far more loosely than I have been. Imagine – now my hand isn’t cramping nearly as much! lol!

In the mean time Nan is knitting a sweater for Barbie. I think I am a ways away from that. Heh.


6 thoughts on “It’s Sunday

  1. Rebecca

    LOL, another hobbie started…and I wasn’t even there! Sorry the apartment fell thru, I’m sure there will be something just as good or better, right around the corner. Nice to see you blogging again…I missed you!

  2. Wendy

    Hi Christine!
    Nice to see you on-line again. Congrats on the new job and I hope you find an even better apartment for the family.

  3. Isabelle

    What a shame about the flat! Hope the other one will be just as nice – if not nicer! Keeping my fingers crossed for you.

  4. junesctung

    Enjoy this time with your cup of coffee before you’ve to pack and move. Would sure be a hectic time then. All the best.


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