Catching up

I have been spending an awful lot of time these last few days catching up on blogs. Boy, some of you have a lot to say. After an hour and a half this morning (I had the house to myself while others were out or sleeping) I have finally made it to the middle of the S’s. Only about 183 more entries to catch up on.

We have an apartment, for sure this time. We signed the paperwork on Monday. Now plans are in the works to get all our paraphenalia accross two provinces. Woot.

Still busy stitching, knitting and finally reading the Hobbit. What fun. More tomorrow – perhaps!


8 thoughts on “Catching up

  1. Karen

    Good luck with your move. I hope you like it out here in New Brunswick. Just catching up a bit with your blog and sounds like you could use the nice quiet time. 🙂

  2. Pam

    Isn’t catching up fun! LOL I am in the same boat, trying to catch up on everyone’s blogs from the summer and let me tell you, it’s slow going. I have been playing to much WoW and not enough stitching or reading blogs, shame on me…

    I just read the Hobbit last year again and need to start the next books, someday!

    I’ll have to go back and see what is going on with you moving, but great that you have an apartment, good luck with all the moving stuff, I hate moving LOL.

  3. Lee

    I read The Hobbit aloud to my kids when they were little. It’s one of our favorite books and happiest memories.

    I hope you love it, too!

  4. Jenna

    Woot! I’m glad that you are set on a new apartment now. 🙂 That’s one less thing to worry about, right? Plus, you have a job. Life is good.


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