And since we can’t have on without the other

Here is Kimber’s new hair, since I chopped her locks this morning:

Thanks, Isabelle, for pointing out what a safe home we are staying in – with bleach and wine hanging around! We apparently have the makings of a good party! lol!

I have noticed I am getting a few new commenters to my blog – Welcome! I am going to have to snoop around your blogs for a bit and “meet” you all. Darla, I visited yours, but there was nothing on there! Of course that was a few days ago, so there may be something now, but as soon as I read a few entries you will likely make it on to my blogroll (cuz I apparently need more blogs to read. Snort.).

I finally made it through all the blogs, and am now caught up. I am afraid I haven’t commented on a lot of them, as that would take me another month to catch up. As it is I am dreading checking the various bb’s I have not visited in a month. As it is it will be yet one more month before we get our own internet and I may just skip the catching up altogether.

I was going through all my photos this morning and realize I have a lot more to share with you, but I think posting them on the blog would take far too long. Instead, I have created a gallery for you to see the photos. This particular gallery is about our visit to downtown St. John.


Edited to add: I apologize to the Blogger Beta users – I can’t seem to comment on your blogs! Do I need a Beta account? Or is there any other suggestions?


9 thoughts on “And since we can’t have on without the other

  1. Pam

    Hi Christine!
    Kimber’s hair is adorable! I am toying with the thought of cutting my daughters hair, but last time I did it I regreted it, but it gets so dry and tangled.

    As for Beta Blogs, I have the same problem posting on non-beta blogs. What I’ve done is click on “Other” and then put in my name and link to my blog and it lets me, also can use Anonymous. If the blogger only set it up for users with Blogger to post, then you can’t post at all, which is frustrating to me, because I found a lot I wanted to comment on and couldn’t.
    Hope that helps?

    As for catching up, I’m still trying, but I’m not sure I’ll be able to LOL. I have been going to those with new posts each day though, then after that if I have time going back and reading past posts.

    How’s that for long winded and TMI? heh

  2. Jenn

    Kimber is quite stylin in her new ‘do. And it will be so very much easier to keep neat. But of cours *you* know this, it’s convincing the kid that’s the challenge! LOL

    Today’s the first I’ve gotten a Blogger feed at all through my BlogLines account. They frequently have issues, but you know it’s bad when out of roughly 100 subscriptions, only FIVE are updated?! And every single Blogger site has a little red exclamation point next to it. I’m so glad I signed up for my own webspace and found software to run my own.

  3. Faith Ann

    I’ll send an ‘awwwwww’ for both of your adorable girls!

    Hope you’re enjoying your life in Saint John so far… hopefully everything with your move goes smoothly!

  4. Kelley

    Your girls sure are cute! How old is Kimber? My daughter is about to turn 8 next week and they look around the same size/height.

  5. Kathleen GermAnn

    Hey stranger…
    I just wanted to say that those nieces are looking very princess like. They are growing so fast it is just amazing.
    Hope things in NB are going good. And, if you want to reconsider AB, then let me know, and I can get your resumes out there… considering I work for a placement agency…hehehe…
    Missing you all, give kisses to the girls
    Your sis


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