A stitching update

I know, this is quite the anomaly. A post about stitching. Well, it had to happen some time. Ha ha!

I actually mustered up enough strength this weekend to finish a project. Dragon Pillow finally saw the light of day and I managed to finish it off:

It doesn’t show well in the photo, but trust me, it is quite glittery. That makes one more finish for the year and one more thing to cross off my 101 things list (which, in case you were wondering, I have done 3 things. But then not having my own home and schedule does kind of put a damper on it).

I also thought I would take a photo of the knitting I am doing. This is a sample of the squares I am knitting for the blanket:

I need 72 of these, and I am on number 11 (or is it 12…). It is a scrap type of blanket, and scrap yarns will be used for this one.

I haven’t forgotten about Woodland Faerie. I just can’t seem to take a good photo of her. No matter which type of light I snap a photo in, it always comes out either black or bright white. So I have decided you can all wait until I have moved into our apartment and I can hook up my scanner to get a proper image.

My stitching should pick up in the next little while as today we finally hit the phones at work. And I have discovered today that I cannot read while I am waiting for a call to come in – it is far too distracting! So tomorrow I will try to bring my stitching in and see how that goes. I already saw one person working on a Barbara Baatz angel and it looked gorgeous so it will be fun to track her progress.

That is all for today. We switched from night to day shift and (shock and awe) I am sleepy!


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