Shock and awe

Yep, two days in the same week you get a stitching update! I know – try not to spill your coffee.

Stitching at work is a working out wonderfully. I know I will have some fans here – I have chosen Minuit to be my at work project. In the last two days I have gotten LOADS done. Woot!

While I had the camera out I thought I would try again with Woodland Faerie. The colouring again is horrible, but at least with this photo you can see my progress. Only 11 more days and I will be able to show you some true colours.

That’s all for today. Later!


18 thoughts on “Shock and awe

  1. Outi

    Ok, now I’m jealous… you work in coffee related business and you can stitch at work! I want a job like that too! Ô_Ô

    Some just get so lucky. *grin*

    Minuit is coming out beautifully, and so is WF. I think she’s pale because she misses her woodland and will be much better after first signs of vegetation around her. 😛

  2. Kali

    Great progress Christine! I must confess, however, that I am stitching at work right now LOL! No one is here and the boss doesn’t really care as long as my work is done.

  3. Michelle

    Great progress on these two, and congrats on the finish! Isn’t it nice to have crossed some things off your list (I’m only up to 6 things!).

  4. Anonymous

    Very nice. I’ve also got WF, but am no where near ready to start her. I’ve got several others I want to do first.

    I have a suggestion for you regarding photographing WF. Try laying her in natural light, then turning the flash off on your camera. It should help substantially with the “wash out” effect you seem to be having.

  5. Sari

    Your Midsummer Night’s Fairy is looking wonderful. I finished mine todey! When I started it, I didn’t know about the hand dyed fabrics.


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