Time for this weeks Stitching Bloggers Question, as suggested by Lee:

As we all know, stitching in the winter can really be rough on the hands. What do you do to treat your hands well in the cold winter months? Do you have any suggestions for creams or soaps? Or perhaps a special regimen that you would like to share?

Doing dishes in the winter is tough on hands, too, which is why I avoid it at all costs. (Snort!)

The only thing I really do is lotion, lotion, lotion! This process usually happens immediately after I wash my hands or if they are in water for any reason, which is usually what dries out my hands the fastest. I don’t use any special soap, as it all hates my hands equally so I use what ever is cheapest. As for the type of lotion, well, I am quite picky about what I use as I really do not like the average greasy lotion,a nd I find far too many on the market are. I use this stuff as it is light and has no scent and it does the job beautifully (NOTE – if you are looking to try this out, and you wish to support my mother in the process, please send me an email and I will get you details on how to do so). I have heard other recommendations but they just are too thick or greasy for me.

On to other things. We are moving in to our own apartment this weekend (YAY!!!!), and so it will likely be a week or two before I am back online again. I will continue to check my email and what not during that time and may have time to drop a line on a blog or two, but that comes at the whim of my breaks at work.

I also heard from my SIL and she tells me there is a package from Wendy and I asked her to open it for me and she confirmed it was a needleroll. It sounds so lovely – I can’t wait to see it. I am assured it is on its way to me soon.

In answer to your question, Ann, the Dragon Pillow was actually a RAK to me about this time last year. I got a couple fun X’s and Oh’s designs from an anonymous friend. The other was the Coffee Dragon (which is in storage now, and I am itching to do – of course!).

I think that is all for today. I am off now to get Lauryn ready for the sitter (she just loves it there – I am pretty sure she wants to move in with Carol! lol) and get Scott out of bed for work. Oh, and I need another coffee. Heh.


4 thoughts on “SBQ

  1. Michelle

    Congrats on having moving day this weekend! I am sure you will be relieved to be in your own place with your STASH!!

  2. Meari

    Hmmm… Avoid dishwashing… I wonder if I could get away with that excuse. Sounds valid to me! Congrats on your new apt.

  3. Wendy

    How wonderful that you are getting your own place. I’m sure having space of your own will be very welcome and make you feel much more settled.

    I’m happy to hear that the needleroll arrived and hopefully you will get it soon!


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