Not-so-Random Links

Morning everyone. There isn’t a whole lot to share with you today as far as my stitching goes, since yesterday I didn’t even lift my needle. Instead the girls got in touch with their hippy side and they wanted a crochet belt a piece. And so I took out the hook and started and was loving it. And so I will be crocheting for a few days to get it out of my system.

There have been a few websites that I have been directed to through various forms that I wanted to share. The first comes from a comment left on this blog by Sari who just finished stitching her own Middy. Please go and visit her blog – she has done some amazing work and it looks fantastic (not to mention it is a nice reminder of what I am working so hard on!).

The second came from the Wagon, which pointed readers to Yarn Harlot’s blog. I am sensing a bit of frustration in this post (not so you would notice) that the work that knitters do is not generally appreciated. I do agree wholeheartedly with this post and think the sentiment goes beyond knitting to crafting in general and beyond. Go Stephanie!

The third link I wanted to share was posted on the TWBB by Leena. This is Celestial Dragon done in red. She isn’t done yet, but already the effect is phenominal. I will definately be waiting for her conversion and doing this the same way. I showed Scott this image this morning and it started a discussion of why TW has not done any fully red dragons with her designs. The best Scott could come up with was she had been eaten by a red one in a previous life and now she is afraid of them. *roll eyes* I personally think that she just prefers blues & purples! Either way, I am glad to see this dragon in red since if any of them should be done this way, it would have to be the oriental one!

That’s it for today. Off to do some housework and crochet! (Guess which one I am more excited about?)


3 thoughts on “Not-so-Random Links

  1. Singular Stitches

    Stephanie is a hoot! Check out her books on Amazon, they’re really great, and are in the same, humorous style as her blog.

    And check out her Wedding Shawl…

  2. Jenna

    Hot darn! Celestial Dragon really DOES look fantastic in red. I hope that she will share her conversion. Since I’m not a member of the TWBB, I hope you’ll let me know when she posts the conversion information, pretty please. 🙂


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