Attention Crochet-ers!

I have a problem with the project I started crocheting, and I need some help. But first, the SBQ as suggested by Carol

If you were to come across a sampler chart that caught your eye and appealed to you, would you or would you not stitch it if it had a morbid or “creepy” saying on it? If not, why?

Absolutely I would stitch the pattern. If the saying didn’t appeal to me, I would just change it. A pattern is more of a “guideline” really, right? Plus I have a bit of a morbid or creepy personality (snort!) and it may just appeal to me anyway! lol!

Ok – back to the issue at hand.

I started a scarf with a yummy yarn I found in a bag of yarn I got from Nan:

Pretty, Non? You also got a great shot of my lovely red sock and pretty kitty slippers. I am such an old lady sometimes! lol! The first issue is it is far too wide for a decent scarf. Not really a problem, it only took me 4 hours to get this far so I will be pulling it out and beginning again. My problem has to do with the edges – they are scalloping:

I am somewhat new to crochet and and I am confused as to what to do at the end of the row. I am doing a simple double crochet and am chaining 2 when I start the next row. Is this right? Do I need to chain more? Less? Is it just a tension issue? Or is this supposed to happen?

I wait anxiously for replies. Have a great Thursday!


6 thoughts on “Attention Crochet-ers!

  1. Karen

    The scarf doesn’t look too wide to me, but its hard to tell just how wide it is. Maybe you could measure it and tell us how many inches it is. As for the scalloped edges, I can’t help you there. I’m a very basic crocheter myself.

  2. Anonymous

    Hi Christine, from a fellow stitcher. I absolutely love your progress bars and I would like to ask if you may share how you make them? In return, I promise to keep the frog in my stitching room for some days… lol!

  3. bunnyhead

    I don’t know anything about crochet but I have to say that yarn sure does look yummy and I think the ends look fine!

  4. 'Berta

    If you wanted to tidy up the edge, once you finish crocheting the body, just do a row of sc all around the edges.

    Love your blog and the red sock!

  5. Anonymous

    You scarf is lovely. You are doing very well. I am a crochet instructor. What you are calling a scalloped edge is typical with several crochets stitches. However, I think you did drop a stitch or two in row 10 or 12 from the right hand side on the bottom as we look at the photo. I don’t know what stitch you are using. It looks like a double crochet or half double crochet. I can’t see the individual stitches well enough in the photo to see what is going on with them but I think you are missing the last stitch in the row, but picking up the first one when you turn but you may be missing that one too. The other side is OK. Your stitches are nice and even.
    To finish most crochet pieces one would put a finish edge of some type around the outside edges. Single crochet or reverse single crochet are the easiest. I wont wish you luck with your project. You dont need luck,with all that talent ! But I will say enjoy.


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