Nothing much of substance

Time for the Stitching Blogger’s Question as asked by Jan:

How many different brands of “complete” embroidery floss sets do you own? How do you keep track of it? (i.e., spread sheet program, index cards, palm pilot, etc.)

That one is easy. Zero. I do not own any complete sets. I only buy the floss I need when I kit up a project. Keeping track of them is just as easy – they all go onto bobbins and into a 99 cent box from WalMart. That is why I love this hobby – cheap! Now if I could find some way of storing yarn like that….



I don’t normally like to complain, but today I must. The Maritimes are becoming less and less appealling to me. Perhaps it is just the prairie girl in me coming out, but living on the coast is getting to be far too wet. It has been raining since non-stop since Monday. The rain doesn’t normally bother me as I can usually drive everywhere, but this week Scott is gone back to Ontario to get our things – leaving me without a vehicle. This morning walking Kimber to school was the worst. It is literally an eight minute walk to school, across a field to the school ground. This morning the feild was flooded. ARG! We could have walked around, but that is a half-hour walk, in the pouring rain, and I really was not interested. So I ended up carrying the girls across the least flooded area I could find. Lauryn & I did take the long way home, and that was just miserable. One day being rain free this week would do wonders for my mood. I realize that it could be snow but I think at this point I would rather it was – at least one can walk ON TOP of snow. Sigh. At least my coffee tastes good today. I guess I need to buy some rubber boots.



7 thoughts on “Nothing much of substance

  1. 'Berta

    Christine, my SIL just emailed me about all the wet weather in the Halifax area. Not sure if you would want to be out west. I’m in northern AB and we awoke to minus 18 temps this morning! DH is all excited because this is good hunting weather! And he has the next couple of days off! Now to turn down the furnace and put on my Mr. Rogers’ sweater!

  2. Anonymous

    Well, feel good knowing that Scott is here in the rain as well! It hasn’t been nice in so long, I can’t remember when we last saw sun.
    Be sure we are happy here as well knowing that it could be snow.
    Love the cap, hats and scarves you have whipped up in no time flat.

  3. Anonymous

    Christine, not sure it will help, but I think the weather has been crappy all over. I know it has poured all week in NW Quebec. I’m a displaced Maritimer; I really miss the rain when it gets to -40out here! Hope things clear up soon.

  4. Karen

    I agree the rain is horrible!! I was so happy when I walked out into the nice bright sunshine today. It really does affect your mood.


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