A happy little monkey

Here I am, opening boxes and finding to my delight I now have my entire cross stitch stash here with me. Stash fondling….. Aahhhhhh….. Glorious.

So pleased I am that I completely forgot to blog and answer the SBQ:

Do you stitch Christmas ornaments? If so, how many do you stitch each year and for whom? If not, why not?

To be totally honest, before I started blogging, it was a totally new concept for me to stitch ornaments. I never thought about it! Last year was the first year I ever stitched ornaments and I don’t think I kept a single one for us – they were all given away (true to form for most of my stitching). This year I think I am up to 6 ornaments (note to self – must get my gallery fixed soon!), all of them I think I may keep (4 for sure since they have our names on them. heh.) I do enjoy stitching them and will be keeping that up.


3 thoughts on “A happy little monkey

  1. Anonymous

    Woohoo Christine, that’s great that you have all your stash with you now 🙂

    Wow 6 ornaments, yikes I have only done 1..although I do have two more lined up to do..:)

    Welcome back to blogging, have missed you while you was away 🙂

    Shall be sending you some goodies in the next couple of weeks or so:)



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