Nothing to report

… other than Michaels apparently DOES NOT carry the full line of DMC. I am still missing one of the colours needed for Mylene’s RR.

So, since I have nothing of substance, I thought I would steal something I saw on Patti’s blog:

You are 97% Canuck!

You rock, you are an almighty Canadian through and through. You have proven your worthiness and have won the elite prize of living in a country as awesome as Canada. Yes I know other countries think they are better, but we let them have that cuz we know better than they do, eh?

How Canadian Are You?
Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

Which makes me wonder – what nationality is my other 3%? (FYI – I know exactly which question made me not as Canadian – I chose Halls vs Buckleys – hey, it tastes awful!).


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