I need more time!

I am so sorry for being so quiet lately. Turns out work is insanely busy and I spend my days trying to catch up with everything around the house. My stitching has virtually stopped, and that isn’t pleasing me one bit! I am trying to finish Mylene’s piece before the due date and I think I am going to have to pray for a miracle to get that done.

I have received my RR piece and it looks fabulous! Thank you to Mylene, Leslie & Renee who all did an amazing job. I will be posting a photo of the finished piece as soon as I have a second.

I am going to be late getting a few packages out. There are a number of folks I have been trying to get packages out to before the holidays at least (one is very, very late – like 7 months late. Or early for next year. Heh.) and it just isn’t happening. I need a day where I don’t need to worry about anything else and can just finish stuff off and ship it out. Ah well, keep your fingers crossed!


4 thoughts on “I need more time!

  1. Anonymous

    I can’t wait to see your RR! I hope you get to stitch some soon but don’t feel bad I haven’t done much either.

  2. Isabelle

    Don’t worry, Christine. Many of us seem to be in the same place right now – only you have 2 daughters on top of everything, so I can hardly imagine how you manage to cope!! Don’t worry about blogging.
    None of us can be Wonderwoman… don’t sweat about what you just *can’t* manage.
    Anyway, we’ll all be still there in 2007…
    Meanwhile, we’ll be thinking of you! ((hugs))


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