Jump in, the water’s fine

So I have done it. Of course, those of you who read your blogs with bloglines probably already know since there may be hundreds of entries from me. I have done the great migration. Blogger Beta is now up and running and there is no turning back. Only now I have to remember that I have to log in to beta.blogger.com now. Off to update bookmarks…

Not much else to report. The holiday cards are all finally done and off. I still haven’t sent to all the people I want, but that will have to wait until next year. I will have to start in the middle of October next year. This year I have mailed about 150 cards. And I cut out a lot! Which makes a big to-do item for me for January – make a complete list of all my addresses! I have three – 3 – address books. And in some instances the same person is in each book with different addresses! I need to find a good computer program I can enter them all into and have it in one location. Of course, this will work a lot better if I get the printer I am hinting for for Christmas. Heh.


5 thoughts on “Jump in, the water’s fine

  1. Isabelle

    Oh, so you made the jump! It looks great! Did it really save up everything as it was, or did you have to do a lot of fiddling?

  2. puddlescat


    Like Isabelle I’m interested in how the transfer went. Did you have to do anything with your template? Did you loose stuff from your sidebars? I’m still tooooooo scared to make that jump!


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