Questions! So Many Questions!

It’s my day off! Time to blog!

Let’s go with the SBQ for the week first, as suggested by Carol:

Do you have any good internet links to tutorials for your favorite finishing techniques that you would like to share?

Well I think readers of my blog are going, “finishing techniques? Christine doesn’t do a whole lot of finishing!” Well, you would be right. Finishing anything in something other than a frame scares me. I have done it though, and fortunately for people like me there is someone like Dani who very clearly marks out instructions for some of those tricky finishing techniques. And sometimes Hunter helps out, too.

There have been some questions about my transfer to blogger beta. The transfer itself was very smooth. Follow the links and it does it all by itself. I have no problems with my template, everything remained the same in that respect. There are a few small differences in the interface (as in a few new or changed links on the dashboard), and we can use labels now (which I am only doing from this point forward – there are far too many entries for me to go back and assign labels to – although that option is there without actually editing the posts).

The only issue I have experienced is I seem to have to re-enter my login and password every time regardless of how many times I click on the “remember me” box. If you are planning on transferring over, know that if you have more than one blog both will be transferred – there will be now way to do one only. If you are concerned about loosing your template, you can back up what you have (just copy it into a notepad document) and if you loose it you can paste it back in.

Oh, I just thought of one other irritant – that irritating pop up regardless of whose blog you visit in blogger about that secure & non-secure items. Fix it already.

Truthfully the only reason I did transfer over is because it was getting quite annoying with how often blogger was pushing the tranfer. So really I just did it to shut them up. 😉

One last thing! My little phreak is having a birthday today!

Lauryn is now 4 years old. Now that she is all grown up there are all kinds of things she can do all by herself! The photo above was taken earlier this summer, when the girls went out to play and I told her to grab a hat (for the sun, my thinking). Apparently she thought she was cold. Hee.


5 thoughts on “Questions! So Many Questions!

  1. Rebecca

    ~From Cameron and Caleb!!~
    And Christine, the other annoying thing with the new blogger is when you are composing and not in html mode, you then have to go into the html mode and put in your paragraph breaks and line breaks or the whole thing posts as one jumbled mess!
    Enjoy your day off (which I think is almost coming to a close now) and have an extra cup of BREWED coffee for me!

  2. Jenna

    Belated birthday wishes to lovely little Lauryn. 🙂 I’m glad that your transfer to Blogger went smoothly. And I totally agree with you about the secure/non-secure items pop-up. TRES annoying! It’s so nice to hear from you. You should try to pop in a little more often, even if it’s just a couple of words. I’ve missed your presence on the web. *hug*

  3. Little Grey Cat

    Happy Birthday Lauryn. I hope you had a good day.

    Thanks for the info on your transfer Christine. I’m still a little nervous about doing it :~}


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