What’s this? A blog post?

I was tagged by Dani and so:

Five things you likely don’t know about me:

1. I have a boot fettish. I love heeled boots. Wal-Mart’s shoe department and I get along famously.

2. I grew up thinking I wanted a powerhouse lifestyle – a condo in Toronto, a high-powered job, single and loving it. I was wrong.

3. The smell of vomit makes me gag. I put this in here today because Kimber is ill and has run to the bathroom 6 times during the night. I have no idea where my mommy instinct is on that one.

4. I do NOT like dogs. They smell and drool. Of course, I have met a few sweeties who are exceptions to the rule.

5. My favourite meal is a t-bone steak, medium rare with a side of home made french fries and mayonnaise. I want that to be my last meal.

I tag:


Have fun, ladies!

Now that the Christmas rush for shopping is just about over, work has slowed down. A lot. I have finished Mylene’s round robin last night, and then sat there for another SIX AND A HALF HOURS doing nothing. NOTHING. I think I took twenty calls in that whole time. I swear, I need to bring a library of stuff to do.

Anyhoo. I am done, and now I just need to mail it off. I was going to do it today, but since Kimber is ill, I won’t be doing that. No Christmas shopping today either. Sigh. I have two days to buy for everyone. I was going to put in my five things that I am a procrastinator, but let’s face it – y’all know that!

Tonight I plan on bringing Lily Maiden. Who knows – if I have a repeat of last night I may be able to finish her!


3 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Outi

    Try to come out with something you guys don’t yet know about me… that will be extremely difficult!

    But I’ve taken the challenge. So, stay tuned… 😛

  2. Isabelle

    Thanks for the tag! Mmm… I’ll need to give it a good thought.

    Have a wonderful Christmas, despite Kimber being ill! Hope she gets better before Christmas, poor thing!


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