ABC etc.

I got tagged by Outi. And so:

A – Available or single?:
Neither. Married. Of course, I am almost always available for him. Heh. (Sorry, TMI. Blame it on post-christmas insanity).

B – Best Friend?:

C – Cake or pie?:
It depends on my mood. Sometimes a cherry pie with tea, others a black forest cake with coffee.

D – Drink of choice?:
Coffee. Duh.

E – Essential item I use every day:
My coffee mug.

F – Favorite color?:

G – Gummy Bears or Gummy Worms?:
Neither. Ew.

H – Hometown?:
Clyde, Alberta.

I – Indulgence?:
Coffee. Chocolate. Shoes. I am positive I was Italian in a previous life.

J – January or February?:
January. Close enough to Christmas to continue the rush, winter still isn’t at that “too long stage”.

K – Kids and names?:
Kimber & Lauryn

M – Marriage date?:
August 9, 1997

N – Number of siblings?:
Two brothers, five sisters

O – Oranges or apples:

P – Phobias or fears?:
Tornados, extreme weather

Q – Favorite quote:
“Be content with what you have, rejoice in the way things are. When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”
– Lau-Tzu

R – Reasons to smile:
My children

S – Season:

T – Tag 3 or 4 people:
I know at least three of four people read this blog. Tag!

U – Unknown fact about me:
I think I did this a couple entries ago. I think I will keep the rest to myself. A girl has to have a few secrets. 😉

V – Vegetable you don’t like?:

W – Worst habit:
Chewing my fingernails

X – X-Rays?:
Not sure what the question is here. I have had them, most recently last month when I had some sort of chest pain.

Y – Your favorite food?:
Home made french fries, side of mayo, and a nice medium rare t-bone.

Z – Zodiac sign?:
Scorpio with Cancer rising, and I am a fire dragon. Basically I am a basket case who won’t admit it.


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