Hello, my name is Christine

… and I cannot follow instructions.

Hello, Christine. Welcome.

It all began as I was happily stitching away on my latest love, Lily Maiden. I was busily completing smyrna crosses all along the border.

Christine notices all the nods of assent around the room.

Then, it happened.

The room settles in with a hushed pause.

I finished all the crosses, and moved on to the next line of the instructions.


My instructions suddenly did not make sense. I am supposed to use another colour on the same stitch? That is not right, even for TW!


It turns out I was only supposed to stitch the x part of the stitch in the colour combination I had been using. I was then supposed to stitch the + part of the stitch in the other colour combination. Instead, I did the entire stitch in the first colour.

Murmurs of “Oh Dear” spread across the room.

Pounding fist on the table
I refuse to succumb! There is no way I will be going back and tearing out every single stitch. I know TW meant for the design to look a certain way, but I have decided to be strong and live with my mistake.

Think of me. I need your support now, in my time of need.


7 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Christine

  1. Jenna

    Be strong, girl! Leave it be. You can do it! I agree with Juls, BTW. Consider it your personalization of the piece, just as if you had changed a color or something. Don’t you dare frog all of that hard work!!!

  2. Christine

    That sucks, but you know that things like colour and design are only “suggestions” anyway.

    Just don’t let on it was a boo-boo. Repeat after me:
    “I did it that way on purpose! I didn’t think TW had the right colour choices there, so I made an executive decision.”

  3. Rebecca

    I feel for you….but I’m sure if you hadn’t told the rest of us, we would have never noticed! I would say this different method makes the piece your own! Hang it with pride!


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