Lily Maiden, designed by Teresa Wentzler
Stitched on 28 ct Silkweaver Solo
Started January, 2005, completed January 5, 2007


21 thoughts on “Tada!

  1. Karin

    OMG – it’s stunning! Whenever I see one of Teresa’s pieces finished, it reminds me of what a great designer she is.

  2. Faith Ann

    She’s beautiful!! Congrats on such a pretty finish!

    I wouldn’t even know that you had made the mistake that you described in a previous post… it looks fantastic.

  3. Von

    What a satisfying way to begin the year, Christine! LM is lovely and I especially appreciate the creative liberties you took with the design! 😀 Hurray!

  4. AnneS

    A very belated congrats on getting Lily Maiden finished – she’s just gorgeous! I know, I’m supposed to have marked all my feeds as read, but thought I’d have a quick peek anyway! ;P

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