So much stuff, so little time!

Goodness, I have so much to share today. Some of it you may be interested in, some not, but just be warned this will be a long posting.
I have discovered some unanswered emails and comments from a couple of you that I completely forgot about. I will be recitfying that shortly, so if you are waiting for an answer from me it is coming!

Thank you for all the comments on Lily Maiden. I am so excited she is done. Next up I am trying to finish a bunch of projects I have on the go (including my PIF items), and I will be starting Egyptian Sampler with Outi. So consider this a call to anyone who wants to join us! We will be starting on the last Monday of January.

I never expected all the comments for the scrapbooking page. Wow! Thank you for your praise! I look at that page and apparently see different things than you all do. To me the photo does not have the proper proportion on the page and some of the elements are just not working, but it is a start to figure out the process. If you are thinking of trying this, one needs to understand the concept of layering to do this. I don’t say that to be smart as it seems straight forward but sometimes it can be confusing for some. It can be difficult to see a finished project in its parts. For those asking, I used Adobe Photoshop CS to do the page. You don’t need to use this program, but you need a program you can edit photos and a program to layout your page. Photoshop does both for me and I have it anyway so that is what I used.

I got a bunch of freebies online. All the elements I used are from various digital scrapbooking sites that offer elements as free downloads. Most of these pages also have some excellent tips to get started. The one that I referenced the most is Scrapbook Bytes. I definately will be doing this again.

I got a gifty in the mail yesterday! Natty sent me her final Adopt a stitcher package and is just brilliant! She showed off her fantastic British humour and sent some fun goodies. Check it out:

Minuit has been seeing some daylight (so to speak – I am working on her at work which is evening so there actually is no daylight to speak of). Her latest progress photo:

I am working on having my stitching gallery back up and running. Now that I have remembered my login information. Handy piece of information, that. I will be adding WIP folders so you can check out my progress on my larger projects.

And finally today, we are having visitors this weekend! My mother and two of my sisters are coming to visit! It has been about 2-1/2 years since we have seen them and we are all very excited. They will be here from Friday until Monday evening. Scree!


11 thoughts on “So much stuff, so little time!

  1. Michelle

    Minuit is looking great – she is really coming along. Great job on the scrapbooking page too…I may have to give that a whirl!

  2. AnneS

    I’d be tempted to join you with your Egyptian Sampler SAL a bit later on, as I’ve got the kit here … just need to couple a couple of other projects finished first that I’m committed to SAL with – look forward to seeing your progress 🙂


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