Christine! Is that you????

I know – my blogging has become so infrequent one does not even recognize me any more! Rest assured, though, life is just continuing – I am here.

And doing a little bit of stitching. It is unbelievable how far behind I am. I am working on (and almost done) a needlework smalls project for the SBEBB. I have decided that I am in way over my head and I need some time to stitch what I have so the is the last project for the SBEBB I am doing and will be removed from the bb after this.

I was supposed to start Egyptian Sampler with Outi on Monday. Unfortunately since I am trying to finish the smalls I just haven’t. I have it mostly kitted up, however, and as soon as I am done the smalls it is first on my list. Then you get photos. 😉

(As an aside – I read in her blog that she forgot about Monday. So no worries. Aren’t we a pair? Heh.)

I have missed the SBQ last week, so let’s do it now:

What company produces your favorite hand-dyed fabric? Are there any companies whose hand-dyed fabric you do not like? If so, why?

Unfortunately the company the produces my favourites seems to have fallen off the planet – Tirowen Fabrics has created the fabric for Minuit, and I have a couple of other pieces here that I am saving for a few special projects. However, I don’t know if she will ever make fabrics again – I certainly hope so! I keep checking to see if the website is up and running every few months in hope. What I love about the fabrics is the vibrancy of the colours. I find far too many of the mainstream hand-dyed companies fabrics are too muted in their blending. It is almost like there hasn’t been much work put into it at all. When I find another company that meets my strict requirements, I will let you know! (Perhaps, Jenna, this may be something to look for for your ONS? Hmmmmm?)

(Let me know if you heard the Cary Ewles “hmmmm” from Princess Bride there too.)

5 thoughts on “Christine! Is that you????

  1. Pam

    Nice to see you posting! You sound like me, busy, busy. (shh, I’m posting from work LOL) Can’t wait to see pictures of your progress and hope you get more time to do what you want to!

  2. Patti

    I totally understand where you are coming from as I got over my head with those tempting SBEBB exchanges as well. I’m going to try and not sign myself up for anything for a while to catch up on some of my own stitching. I look forward to seeing progress on your and Outi’s SAL.

  3. Pearl Maple

    Wow Christine
    I found your site when looking for something else, a crafter in my own home town of Saint John,
    I had to stop by for a look and got to say your work is beautiful
    Thank you for sharing your latest creations


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