Let’s start today with the SBQ, as suggested by Danielle:

Have you ever been to a stitching retreat?



Believe it or not, Egyptian Sampler actually got some daylight yesterday. I am only a week and a half late starting it. But it is started. And Osiris has a torso:

His torso would be more complete but I neglected to restock a supply of DMC 415 after Lily Maiden and so that particular colour is missing, save for about 15 stitches. But I will pick that up this weekend and get that filled in.

All of my obligation stitching, with the exception of my PIF peices, is done. And I will be taking a break from that and rotating my two SAL pieces, Egyptian Sampler with Outi and Woodland Faerie with Dawn. These ladies have quite a jump on me and I need to spend some time catching up. During weekends I will be working on the PIF peices until they are done.

On another note, I brought my last post to Scott’s attention, and his reaction was not at all what I expected. It started a discussion, and the result of it is pretty much what Suz has posted in her blog on the subject.

Oh! And speaking of Scott – check out his latest pet project – impaling himself on an ink filled needle….


6 thoughts on “Progress!

  1. Outi

    At least you can say that you are married to an unique piece of art. 😉

    And you have got a good start (remember that I have time to stitch) – and it is rather interesting to see your progress as you started from different part of ES.

    I’m off to fill my cup with good coffee, stitch ES and watch some Monty Pythons… 😉 (Sounds like a perfect day?)


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